ingredients to the perfect date.

turn on one playlist of love songs by michael buble.

add a romantic homemade dinner including champagne glasses and bubbly.

stir in a smokin' hott fiancé.

and you will get one very in love couple.



here are the rules...

1. open your photo folder.
2. scroll down to the 10th picture in your file.
3. post that picture and tell your story behind it.

i stole this game from this cute lady and thought that i'd give it a try. 
seeing that zachary is so kind as to let me use his laptop since i sold mine, 
i don't have a whole lot of pictures. 
after counting out ten pictures that were actually mine, this is the 
one that i landed on:

meet sonic. 

last year, my friend vince and i were just doin' our own thing 
one day {probably saving the world from zombies or something} 
until his dad brought cute little sonic home to us! 

yes, that is right. 

we became the new proud parents of a raccoon
we fell in love instantly. 
we spent the first night washing him up because he was 
pretty gross competely dis-gus-ting
i swear he had whole bushes matted into his fur. 

he couldn't have been more than a couple weeks old, so we had to buy kitten milk 
and feed him from a bottle. 
this may sound fun, but let me tell you...it wasn't. 
he would eat for a minute and then just stop completely. 
then he would whine and cry because he wanted some more, but he wouldn't do anything about it. 
not only that, but he would literally spit up like a baby and get 
nasty smelling milk all over you
we learned quick, not to wear clothes that we liked around him.

it was way fun to see him change after a few weeks. 
those first couple days were rough. 
he always needed attention, whether it was feeding him or needing a warm body 
to sleep with. it seriously felt like having a brand new baby. 
pretty soon though, he started getting old enough to do things on his own. 
vince taught him to hold on to your body while you 
walked around, like a little backpack. 
he would follow us around the living room and when we would stop 
he would keep going and bump into our legs. so cute! 
and ya know on pocahontas when meeko has an obsession with shiny things? 
 well that was sonic to a t
you would hold something in front of him and he would reach out 
with his little paws and try to grab it. 
he was adorable.

boy, do i miss that cute little guy.


sweet addiction

i have been searching high and low for the cure to homesickness or at least
to the intense/passionate dislike that i feel towards usu {no, i did not say hate}
but i still have yet to find it.
last night though, kaitlyn and i had an incredible breakthrough and
may have found a temporary remedy.

background info: when i was little, every sunday my dad
would give us a "reverence award".
if we were good/quiet in church, we were rewarded with a treat after dinner.
more often than not, this reward was his famous caramel popcorn.
we loved it as kids.
we would do just about anything for it.
when we weren't behaved enough to be able
to have it {which rarely ever happened because i was an angel child}
i remember crying my eyes out.
let me tell you, it is probably the yummiest thing ever introduced
to mankind.

now that i am all grown up, i have rediscovered its succulent taste
with my bf katymay.
boy oh boy are we hooked!
i introduced it to her in february and it has seriously become our new addiction.
i remember making it after dinner one night and we ate a lot.
then we woke up the next morning, popped in a chick flick,
and ate the rest of it for breakfast.
you think that is gross...but it doesn't stop here.
we love it so much that we made an entirely new batch and ate it
the rest of the day.
i am convinced that caramel popcorn is the sole
reason why the only difference i see on the scale is an increase.
it's a secret recipe, so all i can say is that it has
lots and lots of butter and even more sugar. mmm!

anyway, last night we were both in one of those moods
and thought that a little caramel popcorn could give us
some cheering up.
so for the first time while living here in logan, we decided to make it...

{doesn't it look incredible??}

and {as lame as it sounds} it has actually brought some serious comfort!
it's like taking a little piece of home with me.
i love these little reminders of home and most of all, reminders of my papa.
he is one of a kind and i am grateful for
everything that he teaches me.

{for those of you that need a little bit of sugar therapy yourself,
i might just make an exception and share this awesomely amazingly fabuloso recipe with you.
i'm sure you will love it just as much as kaitlyn and i do!



this is kaitlyn.
hacking sarah's account.

i'm basically just here to tell the world how much i LOVE this girl!
she is the apple to my eye.... a vital part to my existence.

i don't know how i would have survived middle or high school or college OR life without this girl.

now she is gettin' hitched and people... i couldn't be happier for her.
we will be cousins. she will be at family reunions, christmas parties, and all averett get togethers.
she will be an averett.

life will be complete.
that is all for now. until next time that sarah stays logged on :)


9 things i am grateful for today.

i am grateful for best friends.
{especially when they make me laugh...which
happens a lot.}

i am grateful for chick flicks.
{my two favs.}

i am grateful for the invention of soccer.
{4 years ago today, we won our 1st championship! happy anniversary templars.}

i am grateful for a loving and
{gosh he's adorable, isn't he?}

i am grateful for autumn.
{confession: i will go out of my way to step on a crunchy leaf.}

i am grateful for school.
{ouch. that hurt to say.}

i am grateful for bubble baths.

{"ducky ducky....come here ya dumb duck." name that movie!}

i am grateful for my family.
{love these people!}

i am grateful for cereal.
{i could eat this -->

these were just a few things off the top of my head.
i could add to the list for hours.
i truly have been blessed and have every reason to be happy.
now i am going to end my day by lying on my nice comfy couch, in my nice warm house and watch elf {literally the best movie on the planet} on my tv that is
run by electricity which i am lucky enough to have. {man, it's great to be alive.}
good night!


girl meets boy.

once upon a time there was a girl.
one day this girl met a boy.
girl had a crush on boy.
boy asked girl for her number.
*shouts of elation*
boy asked girl on a date.
girl said yes.
girl and boy talked and laughed and talked for hours.
girl liked boy.
girl got butterflies just thinking about boy.
boy liked girl.
boy and girl started dating.
boy and girl could only see each other on the weekends.
every weekend that boy left, girl's insides had turned to moosh.
girl was falling in love.
boy and girl talked on the phone every night for 4 months.
girl moved to be closer to boy.
girl was in heaven.
every day spent with boy was the best day of girl's life.
girl was head over heels in love.
boy asked girl to marry him.
girl said yes.
girl wears his ring with pride.
girl is the happier than she's been in her whole life.
girl falls in love more and more everytime she sees boy.
marrying boy is all that girl can think about these days.
girl loves boy.
boy loves girl.
girl can't wait to be with boy forever.

the end.

{photo courtesy of this cute girl}
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