today is the day!

i love to see the temple, i'm going there today....
i have always wondered how i will feel on the day that i go through the
temple for the very first time.
let me tell you...it is exhilirating! 
i feel all nervous inside because i've never done it before.
but at the same time i am more than ecstatic to be closer to my 
Father in Heaven than i have been since i can remember.
i am very grateful for my friends and family that have 
sacrificed their time to be with me. 
i can't think of a better way to spend this happy occasion 
than with the people i love!
the church is true and i am so happy to be a part of it!! 



abraded.  afflicted.  aggravated.  agitated.  angry.  antagonized. bothered.  browned off.  bugged.  button pushed.  chafed.  displeased.  disturbed.  embittered.  enraged.  exasperated.  frustrated.  graveled.  harried.  heated up.  huffy.  galled.  infuriated.  irked.  maddened.  miffed.  narked.  nettled.  peeved.  perplexed.  perturbed.  piqued.  pissed.  plagued.  put out.  resentful.  riled.  rubbed the wrong way.  ruffled.  soured.  steamed.  ticked off.  tormented.  troubled.  upset.  vexed.  wound up.


ode to josè

let's go back to May 15, 2010.
there i am.
little 19 year old me getting ready to move out into the big world in a couple months.
what is a number 1 necessity for living on your own? a car.

i'm pretty sure i looked for at least 8 months prior to this for the perfect car. 
one that wasn't too ugly, but still affordable.
i got a call from my pops that day and he said he found one!
i called my bestie katlin and we went and test drove it.

sure, it had 168,000 miles on it. 
sure, the paint was peeling on the hood.
sure, you couldn't unlock the driver's side door from the outside.
sure, the cd player would skip all the time.
and sure, it was squealy when it was cold outside.

but i didn't care.
it was a good little car.
the next day i wadded up what little money i had and bought
my very first car... josè.

fast forward 8 months {yesterday}
i sold josè...sniff sniff.
thank you little buddy for the memories.
thank you for getting me to ephraim and logan safely.
and thank you for not freaking out when i popped your tire.
you will always hold a special place in my heart.

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