dear baby a,

isn't it funny how this blog is titled 'the mr. and the mrs.', but really it's just turned into a bunch of letters written to you?? haha! {okay, not that funny.}

happy 11 months to you, my cutie pie, nugget chunkalicious!

i haven't been able to stop thinking all day about how the next time we celebrate your monthiversary birthday, you'll be a year old. an entire year old. part of me is so excited that we all made it this long and part of me wants to run away with you to neverland where you will never grow up. here is what you are up to these days:
-you pull what we like to call the 'scared face'. i don't know where it came from or why you even do it, but you have been doing it for a while and your dad and i bust a gut every time it happens. just recently though, you've started doing it on command or any time you want to get a rise out of us and it's hilarious. {everything you do is hilarious to us. that's what makes us good parents.} you've already got this wrap-mommy-and-daddy-around-your-finger game down pretty good.
{note: my computer doesn't have sound right now, so i have no idea how truly obnoxious my mom voice/laugh is in this video. don't judge.}
-you pretty much don't stop talking while you're at home. ever. so, when there is a binky in your mouth, it just turns into a bunch of noises coming out of your nose. it's totes adorbs.
-you don't like being taken by surprise. today, for instance, your boyfriend, dean, {i say your boyfriend, because he is totally enamored with you. you haven't decided how you feel about him yet. he's cute. you'll come around.} wanted to love on you, so he tapped you on the head to get your attention when you weren't looking. after a full on wail of a cry and some serious lovin' from dad {combined with your favorite purple binky}, you decided you might just live, but you don't ever want to experience that kind of surprise again. i can't make any promises.
-you still love books. {i may have said this one last time, but it hasn't changed. so...} if i leave you in your room to play, i can usually find you flipping through the pages of 'pat the bunny' - your favorite book that was given to you by one of your biggest fans, lauren cyr. you love that thing. every time we get to the page where you are supposed to play peek-a-boo with paul though, you get confused and think you're supposed to chew on the blanket that paul is holding. it's weird. so, there's that.
-you've been a fairly good sleeper for the past few months, but this last week has been awwwwesome. okay, you have woken up at 5:30 on the dot almost every day, but luckily you will go back to sleep until at least 7:30. until last night when you went to bed at 8:30 pm and didn't wake up until 8:00 am. i could literally hear angels singing when i woke up. {that was a lie. i didn't literally hear them, but i wouldn't be surprised if i did.} i think you've slept that long consecutively, maybe twice in your entire life. it rocked my world. #mombrag
-you can down almost two whole bananas in one sitting. i don't think that i can even do that. way to go, girlfriend.
-you love camping. how do i know that? because when it was time for bed, instead of going to sleep like a good little girl or even throwing a tantrum because you're awake three hours past your bedtime, you giggle and crawl all over your dad and me. in all honesty, i don't think this has anything to do with camping. i think you were loving the idea of having a sleepover with us. this was the first time in my life that i wished we coslept with you, so that you would know it was time for bed. {that quickly went away when we came home and i put you in your crib and i had half of our bed all to myself.} you really were a camping champ though and we will definitely be doing it again. get used to it. this is going to be your life!
-you have always loved peek-a-boo, but now, you've learned to do it back to me. you'll do it with anything - blankets, towels, sunglasses, cheerios. some items work better than others. it's freaking adorable how hilarious you think it is.
-i'd like to say that you're getting close to walking, but i don't know what happens when a baby gets close to walking. i mean, you pull yourself up to things and cruise along them, like it ain't no thang, but word on the street is, that some babies do this for months before they actually learn to walk. i'm really hoping it'll happen before your first birthday, because i would kill to see you and your cuteness, toddling around in the tutu i'm making for you. that means you have a month. get on it, girl.
i know it's not much, but it's 11 o'clock and i'm tired. so, i'm peacin' out. keep being the ridiculously adorable girl that you are and know that i love you, sweet pea!
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