christmas time.

it's december 9th {depending on where you live} and all i've done today is go to church and watch 5 episodes of surburgatory. right now i'm cuddled up on the couch, freezing my butt off with my dog. {who happened to be very naughty today.} cue picture:

yes. an entire stick of butter. i'm just as disgusted as you are. i wouldn't be surprised if he dies from obesity one day.

despite the cold {it's 8 degrees right now, mind you} and being without the mister, i am loving this holiday feeling! our house is officially all lit up,

and the tree is officially bought! {but not decorated...} we wanted really bad to go chop down our own christmas tree this year, but it was kind of difficult to do so without a truck. so we went to lowe's instead and found the perfect tree:

then we got all redneck {which, if you've been to cheyenne, you'd know that'd totally acceptable} and tied said tree to the top of our '96 honda civic with twine. we felt really cool.

we brought it home, set it up, watered it, and then it died the next week. so instead of a gorgeous, sparkly, smell-good tree in our living room, i'm looking at a puke green, wilted looking one instead. we're going to fix that this week hopefully. it still adds to the mood nonetheless! i just love this time of year. that's all.

-the mrs.
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