first date

let me take you back to april 10, 2010:

it was a rather warm day for spring in cache valley, utah.
i was here with my family, visiting my grandma in paradise.
{yes, that is the name of a town. and yes, it is just as heavenly as the name suggests.}
i woke up that morning so excited/nervous for this day.
i showered and got ready and tried my best to look perfect.
why do you ask?
i was going on a date.
i had butterflies that were as big as the moon.
i wasn't sure what to expect from this guy.
i had actually heard a couple weeks before that he was interested in another girl, but i secretly hoped and prayed that he'd drop her like a hot potato.
i was already twitterpated over him.
we met at the mall. {romantic right?}
he took me to a cute little toy store where we picked out the coolest kite that we could find
we spent an hour or so at the park trying to fly the thing, but that is nearly impossible to do when there is no wind.
so we gave up and did something cooler - he took me on a motorcycle ride.
it was dreamy.
being able to wrap my arms around him was like heaven on earth.
he took me up logan canyon and we hiked to this weird little concrete building.
we stayed up there for hours talking and laughing.
we hadn't even been together for a day and i felt like i'd known him my whole life!
then our stomachs began to growl.
we pulled ourselves away from bliss and hit up the cutest thai restaurant that you ever did see.
my very first thai restaurant ever.
he was so charming as he taught me how to write my name in cambodian on our plastic table cloth.
we topped off the night playing cards.
the loser had to make a trip to ephraim.
i won.
that was the first of many trips to ephraim for him actually.
and now, i never thought i'd be lucky enough to be married to this boy.

yes, that's right.
this "boy" happens to be my cute zachary.
i can still remember that date like it was yesterday. 

in honor of this momentus occasion, we've made it a tradition to eat at a thai restaurant on every april 10th.
it's so fun to look back and see how far we've come since that special day!

2011 - jasmin thai in san antonio, tx

 {sorry it's so blurry!}

2012 - boonie's in santa maria, ca

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