things i think about late at night.

sometimes i have a hard time being motivated to do things.
the most recent topic of choice is to go to class.
i feel like such a loser.

i don't have a job. {super discouraging}

i tell you what though...if i did have one, there would no longer be
a sarah valene scott
attending utah state university.

it's only 3 weeks into the semester and i'm already
burned out as heck!
if i didn't know any better, i would think that
this guy....

was infesting my soul.
scary right?...i know.


change. i hate change.

today was the first day of my second week of school.
i didn't think it was a good idea to write anything about it last week,
because i'm pretty sure i couldn't have done it
without sitting on my couch for an
hour or more crying my eyes out. {oh wait, i did that everyday anyway}
i've realized lately, how afraid i am of change.

yes, i am living with my very best friends in the entire world.
yes, i get to be with the man of my dreams
everyday {DEFINITE PLUS}
and yes there are a billion things to do all the time because there is
actually a substantial amount of people living in the area.
but maybe i have a bad case of
the-grass-is-greener-on-the-other-side syndrome
because even with all of these spectacular things in my life,
i still can't help but miss
cute little ephraim.

{doesn't this picture make you miss it too?}

i miss my house.
i miss my yard.
i miss those sanpete mountains.
i miss my dog. {that's a BIG deal}
i miss the familiar smell of turkey poop. {never thought i'd say that}
i miss roy's pizza.
i miss kaitlyn's family.
i miss having one stoplight in the entire town.
i miss free parking at the college.
i miss the summertime bonfires.
i miss the fact that you can walk anywhere and it's
never more than a mile.
i miss the one finger wave to/from everyone you pass.
i miss going to wal-mart because there's nothing else to do.
i miss running into people i actually know.

but most of all, i miss these people...

{my cute family}

i miss my little brother and his sweet personality.


i miss my little sister and her incredible ability to be herself, no matter what anyone thinks.


i miss my older brothers and how much they make me laugh.

{david and daniel. no david is not crossed-eyed and no daniel is not an orney butt...posers.}

i miss my sister-in-law and our good sister talks.


i miss my older sister and her enthusiasm for life.

{michael, rebecca, lizzy}

and lastly, i miss my adorable mom and dad. so much. i think i'll go tell them that right now...

i get kind of sentimental when i think about my family.
sometimes i wish i could go back to the good ol' days when
life was just fun and games.
all i needed was a sibling by my side to be happy.
i guess one good thing about all of this, is the fact that no
matter what happens, they'll still be family!
i love them all so much and can't wait to see them in only
4 days!! {and counting}


my happily ever after.

every little girl fantasizes about their wedding day.
the poofy white dress, the pretty make-up, the stylish hair-do, etc.
but even before that, they fantasize about how they will get engaged.
i'll be honest...i was one of those girls.
it's part of being female and accepting your womanhood
{planning your wedding from age 7}
but whether any girl wants to admit it,
the engagement means almost as much to us as the actual wedding!

i'd always imagined something quaint and cute.
i'd come home from school or work one day and there
would be a note on my door telling me one of the reasons he loves me.
i'd walk into my bedroom and
there would be another note on my pillow.
i'd head to the kitchen and there in my cupboard
would be another one.
after a hundred of these, they would lead me to him,
where he would be on his knee,
ring in hand. {extremely cheesy, i know, but i like cheese}
sweet and simple right?
little did i know how lucky i could get...

zachary has been saying for over a month now how bad he wants to take me flying, so finally one day he called a friend and set a date!
i was nervous/excited/nervous.
i knew it would be fun, but to tell ya the truth...flying scares the crap out of me.
i am known for always thinking worst case scenario.
ie. what if we crash? what if the pilot has a heart attack? what if i fall out of the plane?? {very unlikely, but an actual concern believe it or not.}
thanks to the constant reassurance of my wonderful boy, when the day came, i found myself feeling only excited/nervous/excited.

we got to the airport and zachary and i sat back and relaxed and watched the other planes while our pilots {kizna king and alex loosle} did the pre-flight safety checks.

{relaxing, relaxing, relaxing}

{pre-flight safety checks}

then it was time to FLY!

{getting ready for take-off}

i was terrified honestly.
zachary told me to plan on lots of turbulence and bumps.
i get really bad motion sickness,
so this was the last thing i wanted to hear.
once we got in the air though, things were so gorgeous that i kind of forgot about all of those worries. it was the perfect time of day {you know, when the sun is about to set and the entire valley is lit up like gold? i LOVE it!}
and everything was so pretty!
you're not as high up as you are in a normal plane, so it was cool to be close enough to pick out landmarks and stuff.

{logan airport}

{usu campus}

{logan temple}

{hyrum dam}

{paradise. that's really the name of this cute little town}

at this point, i was getting really excited.
my family has friends {the danielsons} from paradise, so i wanted to fly by their house and take a picture so that i could show them later.
not everybody gets to do something like this, so i wanted to have proof!

{the danielson's house}

as we got closer, i could see the whole family outside on their deck.
i thought "oh how fun! they must be having a barbecue or something. it'll be awesome to show them these pictures later."
then they all started waving.
i thought, "cool! they don't even know that i'm in this plane! i can't wait to tell them that they were waving at me!"
and then i looked down...

my insides turned to moosh.
i was half confused, one-fourth excited, and one-fourth shocked!
i turned to zachary and to my surprise,
he was holding a ring!

"sarah, will you marry me?"

"oh my gosh. oh my gosh. yes. oh my gosh"

we joke that i had to say yes or else that would have been one very awkward plane ride home.
i know it's a joke, but little does he know
that i would have been the stupidest girl in the world to say no.
he is everything i could ask for and more.
i feel so lucky that i get him for keeps.
every girl deserves a zachary in their life and i am more than ecstatic that i've found mine.
just he and i.
crazy in love.
happily ever after.

ps. our ring isn't done yet,
so i am now the proud wearer of the most beautiful $8 ring you can buy at wal-mart.
it's gorgeous.
i love and adore it.

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