the big 2-1.

i turned 21 years old yesterday!
it was one of the best birthdays yet.
it started off with breakfast in bed from my charming husband.
he sure knows how to make some mean german pancakes.
he then sent me on a scavenger hunt to find my presents.
they consisted of a game, a movie, some things that would be
inappropriate to share with you ;), and a pinata!

i have always wanted a pinata for my birthday!
we beat the crap out of that thing.
now we eat ourselves sick with the junk food that was in it.
my favorite present though, would have to be my new sewing machine!

{i apologize for the blurry image. there was lots of excitement/commotion going on.}

he knows me so well.
i've been saying for weeks now how bad i wanted one!
my first project will be to make this pillow:

isn't it beautiful?
i discovered it right after we got married and seriously fell in love with it.
 but there was no way that i was ever going so spend 25 dollars to buy it!
i found an awesome tutorial on how to make it though and i'm going to give it a go.
chances are, it'll end up disastrous, but i'll let you know how it all turns out.

we went to dinner at my favorite restaurant in del rio: jitra thai cuisine.
i had never eaten thai food until i met zachary and it has now changed my life.
want to know what else has changed my life?
dr. pepper.
you know how most 21 year olds are excited to drink alcohol and gamble?
well since i don't do either, i decided to celebrate in another way.
first, confession time: i've never drank a caffeinated drink before yesterday.
i went out on a limb at dinner though and ordered my very first caffeinated dr. pepper.

you can all laugh, but that was one big step in my life that i will never forget.

we wrapped up the night by watching kung fu panda 2.
i know it's a movie for kids, but i have to admit that we really liked it. a lot.
it was super funny!
i think half the entertainment  came from all of the little kids' goofy laughs in the theater.

oh and you can't forget the birthday cake!
fun fact about me: i am not a chocolate fan.
so seeing me in this picture:

blowing out candles on a chocolate cake is a definite first.
but this isn't just an ordinary chocolate cake.
it's the easiest, most delightful recipe that you could find!

it really was a wonderful birthday.
big thank you to zachary for making me feel like a million bucks all day long!
and thank you for the cards and 'happy birthdays' from all of my family and friends.
love you all!



our humble abode.

remember when i made a goal to get my house clean and liveable?
well i am finally finished!
i know i said that i also wanted to paint and decorate, but considering we aren't going to be in this house for as long as we planned, i decided to hold off.
since everything looks decent though, i can now give you an official tour!
for starters, this is what it looks like from the front:

not exactly the prettiest thing you've ever seen, but it's good enough to call home.
our grass is actually a lot greener than that now, so that's one plus!
you walk in the front door and you will be planted right in our living room:

this is where most of our cuddling/watching-lost action goes on.
i love this room!
connected to it is our beautiful dining room:

...and by beautiful i mean bland, boring, and lifeless.
yes, we know that this is a sorry excuse for a table.
we've been married 5 months and still haven't bothered to buy one.
thank goodness we got this little beauty for our wedding or we would be eating on the floor!
next is our kitchen.
what looked like this when we first moved in:

now looks like this:

that calms my nerves just looking at the after pictures.
i think my favorite part about our kitchen is this bad boy:

it was a christmas gift from my mom and dad and i absolutely adore it!
it is beginning to become my very close friend.
and you can't forget the laundry room, right next to the kitchen:

small and quaint, but it gets the job done.
we love our washer and dryer.
it took us a while to take the plunge to buy them, but it has definitely been worth it.
they even sing us songs when a load is done!

just around the corner is this hallway:

have you ever been to young house love?
it is this incredible site that features a young couple that love to decorate and design.
they have so many cute ideas and i want to use one of them for my hallway someday.
this idea consists of a collage of white frames filled with anything as fancy as a wedding picture or as simple as a bird feather.
my favorite one will be a long horizontal frame with the words "you are my sunshine" sewn on white cardstock with thin yellow yarn.
i hear those words often in a day from my cute boy and i want to make
them a part of our home.
the first door on your right down that hallway is our office:

we found this sweet awesome desk at wal-mart for really cheap.
probably because the quality is really cheap...
it has worked well for us though.
other than that, we don't have much to put in here.
someday, i want a nice comfy couch. 
maybe red or yellow.
and a bookshelf or two with loads of good books!
this will definitely be the room to go to for peace and quiet.

the second door on your right down that hallway, is our guest bedroom:

considering we don't have any kids and we never have any guests, this room is nothing special.
it has become our ironing/store-our-junk-in room.
but, in case that makes any of you shy away from visiting us, i can promise you that we do have a nice queen size mattress and clean sheets that you wouldn't want to miss. :)

now back to the hallway, the second door on your left would be the bathroom:

if you go through that door on the back end of this picture, it also leads you to another bathroom that is connected to our bedroom.
we treat it kind of like a his and hers bathroom set-up.
i decided not to show you pictures of mine since it is the number one room in the house that i struggle the most with in keeping it clean.
curses to being a girl and needing a billion things to get ready with.

and last, but not least, here is our lovely bedroom:

loads different from the last time you saw it, eh?
see that little soccer ball piggy bank right there?
that's where we are saving up all of our change {literally} to go on a trip to disneyland!
we are making some major headway with a whopping $75.65.
only a few hundred more to go!

i can't even begin to tell you how great it feels to have a clean house!
i feel so blessed to be where we are right now.
life is good and seems to only get better with time.

-the wife


water safety instructor

it's official!
i am the newest red cross certified wsi.

{don't mind the crazy hair}

i never thought i would say this, but i love swimming.
i was a lifeguard in high school and i only worked during the summers because if you wanted
 to work during the school year, you had to swim a mile every month.
some might not think that's bad, but i hated every second of it!
after taking this class and being in the water so much, i have gone to the pool
everyday to swim for my work out and swimming a mile has become a breeze!
i like it more than running because you don't get sweaty and gross and it gives you a good
 cardio work out while at the same time, toning/building muscles in your legs and arms.
i get bored of the same old work out routine, so it has been nice to shake things up a bit.
i am super excited to get better at it!

i am going to san antonio tomorrow to get lifeguard certified as well.
i'm kind of nervous because it's been so long since i've done any of the rescues and procedures.
i could really use the job though, so i hope and pray i pass....wish me luck!



i believe...

...crocheting has therapeutic effects. seriously, i have been craving nothing more than to watch t.v. and crochet the night away this past week.

..."peace train" by cat stevens can make the saddest person in the world feel slightly happy inside.

...maturity has less to do with how many birthdays you've celebrated and more to do with being able to control what comes out of your mouth.

...facebook should receive a reward for being the best form of procrastination and the number one reason students hate finals week.

...family dinner is one of my favorite times of day.

...weddings make me feel nostalgic.

...down comforters are hot. and i'm not talking attractive hot. i'm talking way-too-warm-to-even-be-worth-your-time hot.

...money is a lousy way of keeping score.

...awkward situations are only awkward if you make them awkward. {try saying that ten times fast}

...snail mail is far more exciting than e-mail.

...a pedicure will do wonders in making a girl feel confident about her feet.

...i want a sewing machine and a cricut. then i will be able to do more than half the projects on my craft list.

...i need to learn to be less competitive.

...weekend getaways are something to live for. i don't know what could be better than not having to worry about anything and getting zachary all to myself. it's like a mini honeymoon!

...dishes should learn to do themselves. i am sick of being their slave!

...tickle fights are bittersweet. they may make me laugh, but that doesn't mean i like them.

...running is good for the soul...and for the bum!

...women need to come up with a different solution to problems. ice cream tastes good until 20 minutes later you feel fat and bloated and realize you just ate 6 times your weight in calories.

...thoughtfulness makes a good person. everyone appreciates someone that goes out of their way to make them feel noticed. the world could use more thoughtful people in it.

...i married my best friend.

what do you believe in this week?


happy birthday.

today is a special day.
today is my best friend's birthday!
she's turning the big 2-1!!!
sadly, it is the first birthday in 9 years that we haven't been together for.
i have been through thick and thin with this girl.
we are a team.
like bert and ernie.
superman and clark kent.
milly and vanilly.
this once in a lifetime friendship started back in the 7th grade.
she had just moved into town and i'll be honest...i couldn't stand her. i thought she was loud and obnoxious. we started 7th grade and it turned out that she had every single class with me.


a couple weeks later, i broke my leg. thank goodness kaitlyn liked pulling around wheely backpacks! she wanted nothing more than to pull mine around. she stuck with me for the next six weeks, getting my door, carrying my tray for me at lunch, waiting for me when class got over after everyone else left me in the dust. i realized that maybe my first impressions of her weren't the best ones. we have been inseparable ever since. i can't even count the nights that were spent sitting in her basement cuddling and watching movies, just the two of us, or the number of phase ten games we've been through {a freaking lot!} or the gallons of ice cream that we have eaten because of stupid things like boys. i honestly don't know how i would have gotten through life without her. she is seriously like a sister to me!

here are some of the things that make kaitlyn marie averett so great:

she throws super great tea parties!

she doesn't judge me when i look like poop squish from having a gigantically swollen face,
blood shot eyes, and a broken collar bone. 

she goes shopping with me, just for the fun of trying on ugly clothes.

 she has been with me for every big event in my life.

she's my number one home slice.

she keeps me young by stuffing me with junk food. always. caramel popcorn in particular.

she's been on just about every single vacation i've ever been on.

she makes me laugh.

 she is there for me when i do scary things.

 she is so pretty!

every girl deserves a "kaitlyn" in their life. someone that they can count on to be there no matter what. i am so grateful to be able to call this girl, not only my best friend, but now my cousin! she will be getting married in just 56 short days and i can't wait to see her again. she is going to make such a beautiful bride! j-dawg is one lucky boy. happy birthday katymay! i wish i could be there to celebrate. love ya.

-the wife


change of plans.

well, five weeks of being husbandless turned in to two weeks on friday.
conditions were definitely different than either of us expected.
{want the story? click here.}
even though, things didn't go as planned, i couldn't have been happier to see my boy.
i picked him up from the airport at midnight on friday and we
stayed the night in san antonio.
we spent saturday going to buffalo wild wings {best restaurant ever!}, seeing the
movie "something borrowed" {worst movie ever!} and eating frozen yogurt.

in the last three days that he has been home, we have eaten
3 batches of ranch popcorn, watched 5 episodes of lost,
and made ourselves sick with all of the leftover easter candy.
looks like things are back to normal!

we aren't really sure what we are going to do now.
we hope and pray that the review board will decide to reclass zachary, but
who knows, maybe they won't.
we are going to take it one day at a time.
this is really difficult for me to do.
i like having a plan and knowing what to expect.
i guess the only thing we can expect now, is that God will take care of us.
i have full faith in that.

-the wife


happy mother's day.

dear mom,

i know that you never {ever} read my blog, but i want to let the cyberworld in on a little secret about you. you are the best mom that a girl could ask for. thank you for all the things you have done for me, that at the time may have gone unappreciated. like ripping me out of bed every morning so that i didn't fail high school. or telling me to put on sunscreen before every soccer game so that i didn't get skin cancer. or making sure that i am dating the right boys, so that one day i could marry the right boy.

along with that, i want you to know the things that i have always appreciated about you. like all of the times that you gave me gas money, seeing that i was the worst money manager in the world! thank you for your thoughtfulness in bringing me treats from the grocery store, or from provo, or from anywhere you went really. thank you for making me breakfast all growing up, and still making zachary and i breakfast when we come to visit. thank you for cheering me up when i am sad. thank you for being my number one fan. thank you for being the prime example to me of what it is to be selfless. thank you for your positive attitude towards life. thank you for raising me in the church and never letting your testimony waver. and thank you for giving me comfort in knowing that you are going to spoil my kids rotten someday, as the best grandma in the world. if i could be half the mother you are, i will consider my life a success. i love you mama. happy mother's day.


p.s. thank you also, for showing me how to be a hard worker. congrats on earning your masters degree!


God bless America.

so as i was driving on base from church today, the lady at the front gate checked my i.d., gave me a generic greeting, and then slipped in that, "we are in real world force protection condition {fpcon} bravo." {which means there is an increased and more predictable threat of terrorist activity.} i didn't give it a second thought until i was halfway home and i realized what she had actually said. {usually we are in fpcon alpha which is just the general, everyday possibility of a terrorist attack.} i'll be honest, i got a little nervous. i talked to zachary and told him the situation and asked if i should be scared. being the good husband he is, he replied no, told me not to worry about it and just to lock my doors. haha! i was curious as to why the sudden change in fpcon though and now i know:

osama bin laden is dead!!!

i've been watching the news for the last two hours and i am impressed at the response that this breaking news has gotten. here it is 2:30 a.m. and there are thousands of people outside the white house chanting and cheering about their love for this country. there is another group at ground zero singing the national anthem and waving our country's flag. i've heard from a new york lady that lived in the area around the twin towers. she was there when the planes hit. she saw people jumping from buildings and has been scarred since and feels justice from the death of this man. i've heard from a new york fireman that was there the day that the twin towers were hit and he conveyed his pride in our country and our brave troops in conquering the al qaeda leader. a national security official declared this as, "the best day of his life." i've seen numerous facebook statuses of excitement and gratitude in this news. {my favorite being from my sister-in-law, arika...."America: "I see your royal wedding and raise you 1 OSAMA BIN LADEN". England: *fold*"}

i don't understand all the details about this war and why we hate osama completely. everything i've learned has been from one night when zachary got on a "let's culture sarah" kick and proceeded to tell me everything i need to know about osama bin laden, al qaeda, saddam hussein, terrorism, etc. yes, i am very sheltered and naive. i will own up to that. but in all of this, i feel overwhelmed and almost emotional at how blessed i feel to live in this country. i am not being subject to a leader that is raising terrorism and killing thousands of innocent people. i can be whatever religion i want. i can go to school if i want to...or i can choose not to. the point is that i even have a choice! i have fresh food sitting in grocery stores, right at my fingertips. i have clean, running water. i can light a room with the flip of a switch. i can say anything i want and not be punished for it. as a woman, i am considered an equal to a man. most of all, i can feel safe. i am so grateful to live in a country that offers me these everyday freedoms that i take for granted so readily. i'm sure that any of you can agree that life is hard sometimes, but take a minute and realize how good we really have it.

God bless America.

-the wife

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