about us

zachary {the mr.}: 2nd lieutenant in the united states air force. grew up in various parts of utah and nevada. graduated from utah state university in aviation maintenance. served a two-year lds mission in tacoma, washington. speaks cambodian. a bit of a nerd at heart. loves video games, good books, and all things star wars. incredible storyteller. great listener. the best back-tickler in the world. root beer connoisseur. always cold. loves thai food and sushi. favorite band is anberlin. favorite t.v. show is anything on the food network and 'the walking dead'. loves to travel and claims the best way to do so is by boat. knows a ridiculous amount about government and war-happenings. is going to make one great dad someday.

sarah {the mrs.}: small town girl from ephraim, ut. graduated from snow college. wants to see the world. craft-goer. book reader. loves disneyland with everything in her soul. hates spending full-price on anything. lover of country music. candy addict. soccer player. 'friends' watcher. adores anything with sparkles and glitter. needs to own an alaskan malamute one day. loves four-wheeling and boating. chick flick lover. snowboarder. won't eat seafood, mushrooms, or pork. loves some good retail therapy. can't stand being hot.

us: big time cuddlers. thrive on weekend getaways. 'modern family' and 'the bachelor/bachelorette' watchers. love making each other laugh. family people. love ranch popcorn. supporters of 'diners, drive-ins, and dives' joints. like to talk to each other in british accents. road trip lovers. beach-goers. runners. love camping, hiking, and being outdoors. wal-mart haters. believers in kissing hello and goodbye. mormons. crazy in love.

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