christmas time.

it's december 9th {depending on where you live} and all i've done today is go to church and watch 5 episodes of surburgatory. right now i'm cuddled up on the couch, freezing my butt off with my dog. {who happened to be very naughty today.} cue picture:

yes. an entire stick of butter. i'm just as disgusted as you are. i wouldn't be surprised if he dies from obesity one day.

despite the cold {it's 8 degrees right now, mind you} and being without the mister, i am loving this holiday feeling! our house is officially all lit up,

and the tree is officially bought! {but not decorated...} we wanted really bad to go chop down our own christmas tree this year, but it was kind of difficult to do so without a truck. so we went to lowe's instead and found the perfect tree:

then we got all redneck {which, if you've been to cheyenne, you'd know that'd totally acceptable} and tied said tree to the top of our '96 honda civic with twine. we felt really cool.

we brought it home, set it up, watered it, and then it died the next week. so instead of a gorgeous, sparkly, smell-good tree in our living room, i'm looking at a puke green, wilted looking one instead. we're going to fix that this week hopefully. it still adds to the mood nonetheless! i just love this time of year. that's all.

-the mrs.


top five friday.

i'm not even going to draw attention to the fact that i've been a slacker over here and haven't blogged in weeks. i really don't have any excuse other than i work 4+ hours every day {soon to be 9}, i have a growing blog that needs taking care of, a puppy that needs immediate attention always, and not to mention my sweet, sweet mister that, as sad as it is, has basically gotten nothing more than my left over time after doing all of these aforementioned things. thank heavens for a supportive husband! i know all of this may seem like nothing to some people, but it's been a serious change of pace around our house and it's taking some getting used to. bear with me, friends! anyway, i vote that it's time for another top five friday. here goes:

#1 - my sister-in-law, arika,  is in town!! i picked her up from the airport the other day and have been loving every moment since. it's always fun to have family around. we have learned to cherish it so much with not living close!

#2 - bicycle rides. in denver. yep, that's right. arika and i got brave and rented bicycles in downtown denver and rode them all over town. this was the first time i'd ever ridden a bicycle in traffic before and i almost got hit by a bus only once. talk about success! i have now decided that bicycling is the only way i want to tour any big city from now on. i'm not kidding! not only was it nice to get some exercise in, but it was so freaking fun! i couldn't stop smiling the entire time. my favorite part? riding in the park and some black guy yelling, "hello beautiful white ladies! how y'all doin'?" haha! totally made our day. i highly recommend this activity to everyone!

#3 - pinkberry. don't know what pinkberry is? imagine some of the most delectable frozen yogurt you can think of. it's not self-serve, which is annoying, but it tastes so delightful! maybe it's my imagination, but it actually even tastes healthy compared to most frozen yogurt.

my friend whitney has told me on more than one occasion that i need to try this place, but i haven't ever gotten around to it until now. thanks whit, for officially getting me hooked!

#4 - job upgrade. as i already said, i am officially going to full time work in a week and a half. i am beyond excited, but let's be honest - i'm also scared half to death. i worry about how i'm going to take care of everything i need to here and i also worry about having enough to do in the day. we stay pretty busy while i'm at work now, but a few of my co-workers have said that it gets slow in the afternoon/evening. there's nothing that will make me feel more uncomfortable than having nothing to do when i'm on the clock. i want my boss to feel like he's getting his money's worth outta me! speaking of money, my boss told me i'm getting a raise as well. hooray! i don't know how much it'll be, but i'm grateful it's happening at all considering i've only been there just over a month. talk about some serious blessings! i absolutely love love love my job and i hope it continues to just get better and better!

#5 - photoshoots. did you know that arika is an awesome photographer? because she is. zachary and i haven't had pictures taken together since our engagements, almost two whole years ago and arika was kind enough to take some for while she's been here. i am so excited about how they turned out! there will be more to come, but here's a little sneak peek:

i can't wait to blow all of them up and put them in our house!!

i hope you have a fantastic friday folks {wow, that'a tongue twister} and that you can get some relaxation in this weekend! we're headed on a roadtrip to utah and i'm so excited to see everyone! peace out.

-the mrs.


giveaway winner!

i'm so sorry i'm late in getting this up. my family came to visit this weekend {hooray!}, so we were busy having fun and bonding. i am so excited to announce though, that the winner for the free pearl earrings and the $15 target gift card has been announced! behold:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

congrats mary! i will be e-mailing you shortly. thanks a million to all of you other wonderful people that entered and have supported this blog. love you all! i hope you're enjoying this fun fall weather with september having rolled in and everything and i hope to see you around these parts again real soon!

-the mrs.


3 things. {including a giveaway}

first off, i have to apologize for being so neglectful to this little blog and to you, my fellow readers. i started my new job last week and since then, it's been one crazy rollercoaster. not to mention i have had some psycho haters on my new blog as well, so let's just say that it has not been my week. i'll try to be better though!

second, i know the word 'saturday' is nowhere to be found in 'top five friday', but i'm going to do it today anyway. because this is my blog and i can do what i want. here goes:

#1 - my job. as crazy as it has been and as much drama that has already gone on there in the last two weeks...holy crap, i love it!! not even kidding, i probably think to myself at least five times a day how much i enjoy it and how i know that i'm meant to be there. it all feels like second nature to me! it's nuts to see how much comes back to ya when you haven't even looked at the subject material in 2+ years. hopefully, as i learn more, it will just continue to get better.

#2 - this pillow:

my dad and my brother are obsessed with memory foam pillows and i didn't think they were worth all the hooplah. that was until the mr. bought one and i found myself stealing his every time he was gone. they're so comfortable! then i came home from work last week and when i went up to my bedroom, the mr., being the sweet husband that he is, had this laid out on the bed for me. first off, i about melted at his thoughfulness and second, i was so excited to have one of these pillows of my very own! it has been so worth it. it feels like i'm sleeping on a cloud!

#3 - family. the mr.'s dad and step mom were able to come visit us last weekend and it was so good to have them here! it was the first time we've been able to host them since we've been married, so it felt pretty special. i've also been able to 'hang out' with my sister-in-law and best friend (she falls into the family category, because she's now my cousin. ;) lucky me!) via skype and it sure makes me miss them.

4 - golfing. i'd never been golfing before, until last saturday. there's a golf course on base and we decided to take the mr.'s parents to check it out. technically, i didn't even golf, but the driving around in the golf cart was fun enough for me! i felt like i was four wheeling all day. 

the mr. checked out every thrift store in town and was able to get some clubs and a pretty nice bag all for 13 bucks! i have a feeling there will be a lot of golfing in our future.

5 - the odd life of timothy green. umm, have you seen this movie yet? if you haven't, you need to change that tonight. actually, change it right now. it was seriously the best show i've seen in a long time. i know it may seem cheesy and all, but it was so touching! it took everything in me not to bawl my eyes out the entire time. of course i went home and dreamed about raising babies and adopting kids all night. weird brain. you really do need to see it. i don't want to go as far as to say that it's life changing but...it's kind of life changing. or at least day changing!

finally, the third thing i wanted to talk to you about today, is the fact that i'm finally getting to our '100 followers' giveaway! hooray!! when thinking about what i could give to you guys for being so faithful to me {thanks a billion!} i thought about some earrings i just got from a new website called my freshwater pearls. they came in the mail last week and holy cow, i'm in love with them! i'm pretty sure i've worn them every day since receiving them. haha anyway, i thought i'd spoil you guys a little bit and give away a pair of these earrings for free! they come in peach, rose, white, purple, and green. i got the rose colored ones.

this picture doesn't even do them justice.  it's hard to tell you how gorgeous they are until you see them in person. seriously, you will love them! and since it's taken me so long to get this up, why not throw in a $15 target gift card, just for kicks and giggles? :) to enter, just fill out the rafflecopter below. {since this is a giveaway to honor our followers, you must be a follower of this blog to enter.}

a Rafflecopter giveaway
also, if you don't happen to be the lucky winner, all is not lost. my freshwater pearls is giving all of you one awesome discount just for participating in this giveaway! here's the breakdown of it all:

you get $5 off when you spend $20 or more with the code: freefive
you get $10 off when you spend $40 or more with the code: freeten
you get $15 off when you spend $60 or more with the code: free 15

this is such a good deal guys! i really hope you take advantage of it. thank you again for following our blog and for all of your kind words over the years! we appreciate each and every one of you.

-the mrs.


top five friday.

#1 - this face:

we've been trying to wean him off of being on the couch lately. it was fun when we first got him and he was tiny and wanted to be all cute and cuddly with you, but now he just likes to jump around everywhere and hit you in the face with his tail. not cool. we were doing good until he pulled this card on me - the "i know i'm not allowed on the couch, but will you let me just this once?" look. if that doesn't pull at your heartstrings, i don't know what does!

#2 - the mr. had his first alert (24 hours spent in a missile capsule) this week and he survived! he came back exhausted after getting only four hours of sleep, but he said it went well. luckily, while he was gone, my night was spent skyping with the sister-in-law and hanging out at a friend's house, eating smoothies and talking girl talk. thank heavens for good people! otherwise, i probably would've sat at home all night, eating a tub of ice cream, and crying that i was home alone.

#3 - buffalo wild wings. i don't know how you could not love that place. although, my sister-in-law and her husband did introduce us to a wing place, called buffalo wings and rings, that is just a little bit better - but bww is still awesome, nonetheless. my favorite part would be the fried pickles. mmm, it takes me back to our alabama-living days.

#4 - this lil' blog just reached 100 followers! i was so excited to see that!! this definitely calls for a celebration! (aka a giveaway) i'll be sure to give you all the deets on it next week. i've been a little preoccupied this week, so just give me some time and it will happen. promise!

#5 - "what have i been preoccupied with?", you may ask. remember that job interview i mentioned last week? well, the results are in and it looks like i am officially employed! hooray!! this might even call for another giveaway! (ok, maybe that was a little overkill.) i really am that excited though! at the same time, i am scared out of my mind. the job was for a pharmacy technician position and i haven't picked up a pharmacy book in over two years! i've beeen studying my brains out for the last couple days, hoping some of it will come back to me. of course, every time i get on a roll, my body all of a sudden thinks it's exhausted and needs to sleep - just like the good ol' college days. i don't even know how many textbook pages i've ruined in my life because i fell asleep and drooled all over them. it's a bit ridiculous. anyway, prayers are appreciated because i'm going to need them to help me from looking like an idiot. i seriously cannot wait though!!

happy friday to ya! i hope it's swell.

-the mrs.


top five friday

#1 - blake shelton. the mr. and i volunteered for his squadron at cheyenne frontier days last week and it has now been decided that we are going to do this every year for the entire time we live in cheyenne. they had us selling sodas right inside the stadium and we had a clear shot view to blake for the entire concert.

i hadn't ever been much of a blake shelton fan until this concert...at least that's what i thought. more than half the songs he sang were ones i love and have listened to a billion times on the radio, but i had no idea he was the one singing them! he put on one fantastic concert. and the best part? it was absolutely free!

#2 - the olympics. has anyone been watching them nonstop like we have? seriously, they're on when we're not even in the room - and i've loved it! my favorite events have been the gymnastics and kayaking {which i didn't even know was an olympic event}. what about you?

#3 - chimichangas. you know, the el monterey kind that you buy at wal-mart? i'm pretty sure those things are the reason i gained ten pounds when i moved out on my own in college, but they are oh so delicious! i may or may not have eaten one for lunch and one for dinner/afternoon-snack/i'm-so-hungry-so-anything-will-work. slap on some cream cheese and salsa and you've got the best gourmet dinner that you ever did see!

#4 - date night - on a week day mind you!

i sure do love this cute boy of mine. doesn't he look so good?! he's been doing so well on my fitness pal and has lost thirteen pounds since we moved here! i'm so proud of him!!

#5 - this whole pile of stamps that i scored for only 15 bucks!

i can pick out at least three of them out that would be 10 dollars each at hobby lobby. ca-razy! i'm going to try my hand at card making here soon. can't wait!

hope you guys had a fantastic friday. hooray for the weekend!

-the mrs.


awkward and awesome.


-looking up from your racquetball game and seeing the base wing commander and his daughter watching you play. i'm not even in the air force and it still made me nervous!
-the hillbillies behind us in the movie theater that have no concept of whispering. if i wasn't afraid of them chucking their beer on me or punching me in the face, i would've told them to shut the $!@# up!
-always getting the squeaky cart at the grocery store, making everyone stare at you.
-taking copper on a walk and him pooping on our neighbor's lawn every single time.
-bubblegum flavored jelly beans. i don't know why they even exist. nobody likes them!
-getting all the way up to the doors at the commissary and standing there, waiting for them to open before you realize it's monday and they're closed.
-the ridiculous amount of hair that is left on our bathroom counter after every time i blow dry it. i'm surprised i'm not bald.
-that our laptop is a month and a half old and it's already running as slow as tar.
-putting a load of laundry in the washer and forgetting about it...for three days.
-that it's already august. where did the first 7 months of 2012 go again?
-getting hit on by drunk, 50+ year old man.


-freshly painted nails.
-that i got copper to go in his kennel and i didn't even have to put him there! it's amazing what a pup will do for a little pork sausage.
-the mr. passed his final evaluation. hooray!
-we're having chicken tikka masala for dinner tonight and i'm so freaking excited! i may or may not be starving my self a little bit right now, so that my stomach can fit more of it in.
-free popcorn refills at the movie theater. i might've gained a few extra pounds, but it made for one great movie!
-this rad giveaway that i'm pretty sure you should enter right now. just sayin'. ;)
-having a clean house.
-being able to watch hulu plus on the xbox. best. discovery. ever.
-my sunday school kids telling me over and over that i'm the best teacher they've ever had. so what if it was because i clearly bribed them with brownies? everyone can use a little self-esteem boost now and again.
-getting snail mail.
-i have a job interview tomorrow. {aghhhh!} i'm terrified, but still excited. wish me luck! i'm going to need it.

-the mrs.

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just a couple of things.

there are a few things that i need to share:
  • the mr. and i went to batman last night. after all the hype and good words spoken about it, i was expecting something awesome. i have to be completely honest - i was a little let down. yes, i understand it's a christopher nolan movie, so nothing is going to make sense until the very end and you'll be dropping your jaw in shock, but in my opinion, it wasn't near what everyone made it out to be. it didn't help that i couldn't understand half the stuff that the mask guy was saying either. did anyone else have that problem?
  • i'm sure you guys are sick of hearing about our new food blog, but i am so excited to tell you all that we are hosting our very first giveaway on it!! we just reached 100 followers and to show our appreciation, we are giving you a chance to win a gift card to the restaurant of your choice. what could be better than dinner for free?? be sure to enter here.
  • remember when i complained about not being a morning person and how frustrating it was? well, i am happy to tell you that i have woken up before 8 am just about every day for the past couple weeks! to some of you, this might be no big deal, but for me - it's ground breaking news! i will be the first to admit that i feel ten times better about myself when i wake up early. so what if i don't change out of my pajamas until 1 o'clock - at least i'm not in bed until then! {don't worry, i never actually did that. i'm not that bad.}
  • wyoming has really bad local commercials. and i mean really bad. i tried to find a link on the internet to show you the worst one, but couldn't find it anywhere. it's probably because it's on the verge of being child porn. there are two naked little boys in a bathtub that only have a rubber duck covering their you-know-what. this is a commercial for a credit union, mind you. how on earth, two naked boys in a tub is helping to promote their services, i haven't got a clue!
  • the mr. and i have talked about going on a cruise together since before we were married. i've never been on one and he's been on two and wants to take me so bad! we were planning on going on one to the caribbean next month, but when we moved here, the mr. was told not to plan on taking any big vacations in his first six months of work. so we moved our plans to february and as we were talking the other night, we decided to see if we can save up the money for a europen cruise instead. i've been researching it all morning and can i just say that i am so excited?? i get butterflies every time i think about it. also, tickets into london and out of barcelona are only $646!! i know people that have paid almost that much to fly somewhere in the u.s.! crazy right??
  • i am completely satisfied with how mild this summer has been in cheyenne. everyone tells me that wyoming and utah have the same climate, but no, they do not. while utah really isn't that hot, it can sure get up there. we don't have air conditioning in our house and i didn't think i'd ever survive, but it's already august and here we are - still air conditionless! it sure beats the 100 degree heat that we lived in starting in april and ending in october last year. hopefully we will never have to live that again.
  • someone needs to tell me how to decorate my house. like, seriously. comment below and give me some tips because i am out of ideas. i am sick of the bare walls and empty spaces. why can't everyone just be born with the innate ability to be decorators, crafters, and diy-ers?
thanks for letting my spill my guts on your computer screen. it felt good to get all of that off my chest.

-the mrs.


top five friday.

happy friday folks! aren't you glad it's the weekend? i sure am. here are my favorite things from the week:

#1 - the mr. and i officially bought our first piece of racquetball gear!

we were sick of the goggles at the gym either falling off or squeezing our heads too tight, not to mention that everyone and their dog has worn them and sweated (swat?) in them also. sick. you've gotta start somewhere right? i love them already. they really do protect you too! the mr. {accidentally} nailed me in the face with the ball on our very first night wearing these. i was numb for an hour. thank goodness for goggles!

#2 - the usaf thunderbirds. i didn't actually go see them perform because 1. i'm lazy and didn't want to change out of my pajamas. and 2. the mr. had to work and if i was going to go to my very first thunderbirds show, i wanted it to be with him. the good news is that we live kind of by the airport though, so they flew right over our house! it was awesome.

#3 - speaking in church. i know - this isn't something i ever imagined to be on top five friday either, but it is. with it being pioneer day last week and all, we were given to topic of "heritage". i'm pretty sure i moaned and complained the entire week about this topic. how are you supposed to speak on that for a half an hour?? zachary and i rounded up all of our resources and got the job done though. i'm not sure how good it was, but i did get some serious validation, when the 10 year old behind me in primary tapped my shoulder and quietly said, "i really liked your talk today." *commence heart melting*

#4 - blogging. as i said in my last post, i'm starting a new blog. and even though it can be stressful in trying to decide what to cook/bake and making sure the pictures look decent, i have found a sincere passion for it already and it's only been a few days! i'm extremely grateful for the support of my friends and family because really, i couldn't do it without them. i feel way more vulnerable in trying to get it going than i am comfortable with, so it's nice to know that people have my back - especially my handsome husband. every time i begin to freak out and want to quit because i'm so afraid of failure, he's quick to calm me down and build me back up again. i really got a good one. now, i'm going to give you a preview of what you're missing on our little blog, in hopes that you'll check it out and follow it yourself. yes, that's how i roll. ;) thanks!

#5 - my best friend and her husband came to visit!! i can't believe it either. they were actually the second people to visit this week. zachary's cousin and aunt were driving through from back east the other day and stopped by to see us. who would've thought that little cheyenne would be such a popular place?! i can't tell you how good it was to see all of them. it made me wish that i could go back to the good ol' days of watching movies and hanging out in kaitlyn's basement and not having a worry in the world! gosh i miss that girl.

hope you have a great weekend!

-the mrs.


i need your help.

hello blogging buddies, i need your help. the mr. and i have been talking for a while now and we have decided to start a food blog. we've found a passion for cooking in the last year and a half of our marriage and we want to share that passion with others! that is where you come in. we would greatly appreciate it if you could do us a huge favor and follow us! the blog is titled high heels and grills and we would love your support: www.highheelsanudgrills.blogspot.com. also, feel free to try out our recipes and let us know how you like them! we'd love to hear from you as well. :) thanks a billion! it's so nice to have friends like you to count on!

-the mrs.


guest posting.

guess what friends? i'm guest posting over at busy as a honey bee today! and i think that you should got pay that lovely blog a visit. not only to see yours truly, but because simone is one fantastic girl and it would be well worth your time to go meet her. hope you're enjoying your monday!

-the mrs.


top five friday.

#1 - mini golfing. how many times has this activity made it to top five friday? i can remember at least two different occasions - it just doesn't get old, i guess.

it was the cutest little golf course i ever did see. this was our first date since we've had copper and boy, was it a much needed one.

#2 - speaking of copper, guess who made it the entire night in his crate without whining once? hooray! which means that the mister and i finally got longer than a four-hour streak of sleep. that definitely deserves a spot in the top five. i know it's nothing like it'll be one day when we have to get up in the night for a baby, but it's been quite the adjustment for a sleep lover like me. to celebrate, here's a cute video of him playing with a pig that my mom bought him. enjoy!

#3 - this text:

it brought on all sorts of confusion and then all sorts of downright laughter. thank you autocorrect.

#4 - new church callings. the mister and i just got put in as the 9 and 10 year old teachers at church and i can already tell that i'm going to love it. i taught the 4 years olds in california and as cute as they were, it was a little hard to relate. i feel like the 9 and 10 years old are the perfect age - young enough to not want to cross you, but old enough to understand when you're trying to be funny. they're actually pretty funny themselves. we overheard a couple of the boys talking in between classes. they were playing with some bible hero cards and one of them pulled out david. he looked at it and then disgustedly announced, "david isn't a hero! he was cool when he was younger, but then he turned into an idiot!" haha! it's amazing to me how much they know. i think this calling is going to bring us some pretty fun times.

#5 - r-days. i'm not really sure what the r stands for. rest? relaxation? whatever it is, it basically equates to free days off for the mister. he has had 3 r-days this week and i can't even tell you how glorious it has been! we've slept in and done a whole lot of nothing {aka lots of blogging and video games} i'm so glad we have had some time together before he gets into the nitty gritty at work. {his first alert is next sunday. ca-razy!}

hope you have a wonderful friday my friends! feel free to grab my button and link up with me below to share your favorite things from the week too!

-the mrs.

Zachary and Sarah


caramel popcorn

looking back, i don't know how my mom survived sometimes. my dad had various duties in our church growing up, making it impossible to always sit with us on sundays. so, that left my mom trying to take six kids {all within eight years of each other} to church on her own - which i'm sure was more of a chore than most people can handle. if one kid wasn't pulling another one's hair because he stole their crayons, then she had three kids begging and whining and pleading for her to tickle their backs - that was tough to do with only two hands. i can't help but laugh out of pure shame for what we put her through at times. my parents are smart though. they had some tricks of their own. cue "the reverence award". that sounds pretty self-explanatory right? if we were reverent during church, we got an award. simple enough. it was always a sad day when we weren't reverent though and we were banned from the goodies that would be enjoyed by the rest of the family that night. we had all kinds of stuff - dad's famous strawberry shortcake, ice cream sundaes, apple crisp, white chocolate chip cookies, but my most favorite of all was caramel popcorn.


the best part about helping to make this delicious treat was getting to lick the spatula after using it to pour in the sweetened condensed milk. we would fight over that thing like cats and dogs. then, after all was said and done, we would about die in anticipation, when having to wait for it all to cool, so we didn't burn our tongues. i made a batch of this the other day and boy does it take me back. now, i'm here to share this favorite recipe with you!

  • 1 cup popcorn kernels {more or less, depending on how caramely you want it}
  • 2 cups brown sugar
  • 1 cup karo syrup
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 extra strong prayer for continued health after eating this {added by the mr.}
  • pop popcorn in an air popper. divide into two large bowl and set aside.
  • in a medium saucepan, combine sugar and syrup. stir until sugar is dissolved and let boil one minute.
  • add butter. once butter is completely melted, let boil for one minute again.
  • add sweetened condensed milk and stir well. bring to boil and let boil for one minute.
  • divide and pour caramel evenly between the two bowls of popcorn and stir well to lightly coat each kernel.
  • enjoy your yummy, delicious treat! {after it cools, of course ;)}
i hope you fall in love with this just as much as i did. maybe if you're lucky, it will become a family favorite of your own!

-the mrs.
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blushing bride

i've mentioned a few times that i was lucky enough to help throw a shower for a friend last week. now i'm here to tell you just how fantastic it all went!

first off, the lovely bride to be:

{lacey jean bradley. isn't she just adorable??}

the guests:

the decor:

the food:

the gifts:

including a very special gift from the bestie and i: a panty parfait.

i got this idea from holly at eight six eleven. i've been following her blog for a while now and i absolutely adore her! this gift is suppose to supply the bride with some fun and sexy undies for different occasions and years to come along with a clever little poem - the perfect gift if you ask me!

{the cherry on top}

 {to last all the way from old age,
to your wedding day,
panties for every occasion,
a sexy underwear parfait}

 {this pair is for your honeymoon,
so sexy, black, and lace.
we hope you leave the hotel room,
to enjoy the gorgeous place}

 {for your first knock-down, drag out fight,
as a married couple,
when justin sees you in this little number,
he'll forgive you on the double}

{a pretty white pair for your first anniversary,
you may be feeling a little naughty.
justin still won't be able to believe,
he married such a hottie}

 {when the time is right for you and justin,
and don't be saying maybe,
you'll wear a little pink or blue,
in honor of your baby}

 {after five or ten married years,
you'll still be going strong,
but if you need a little boost,
just put this beauty on}

 {when your years of wedded bliss,
become the old 2-5,
just slip this little number on,
to keep the spark alive}

{and finally when you're old and gray,
with these you can't go wrong,
but sorry justin at that age,
you just can't wear a thong}

it really was quite the hoot watching her open and read these. it's an easy way to get lingerie to the party and still be classy at the same time. i'm so glad i was able to help out with this. i had the time of my life! i can't wait for lacey and justin to be able to experience the pure joy and happiness that comes with marriage.

-the mrs.
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