happy pinning!

i believe that a celebration is in order.
i recently pinned my one-THOUSANDTH pin on pinterest.
yay! {don't mind the fact that this just proves how terribly i manage my time.}
in honor of this joyous occasion, i thought i'd share some of the projects i've
completed from this lovely site.
i've found that it's a lot easier to pin items than it is to make them, but here is my little start:

i am in LOVE with wreaths and this one was so easy, it's ridiculous. 
all you need is a foam wreath, a couple yards of felt, and pins.
lots and lots of pins.
it's simple, yet elegant and i absolutely love it!

these are a favorite in our house!
if i'm not careful i could probably eat the whole pan by myself.
the recipe tells you how to make them actually look like twix bars and everything, but i found that it was easier and less messy just to make them into cookie bars.
they taste the same {delicious} regardless of what shape they're in, so whatev.

i actually felt like this project completely tanked.
you can't really tell in this picture how bulky, bunchy, and overall ugly it us, BUT i want you to see what the original looked like on her website because it is so cute!
if you are a crocheting beginner, this is a great project for you.
there are only two or three different stitches throughout the entire project, so once you get those down, it's not too bad.
my only sugesstion is to be sure to use some thin yarn or it will turn out to be a disaster, case in point.

i feel so proud that i actually did it!
it turned out more yellowish than i hoped, but that's okay.
i love it so much that it is hanging on my door right now.
it was really easy and super cheap; probably the best combo ever.

these seriously taste like the real thing.
it only calls for three ingredients too!

or as Zachary likes to call it: The Outtie Belly Button Blanket.
this has by far been my favorite project.
i made this blanket here for my sister-in-law nikki's new baby, jace, and i made a brown one just like it for my friend amber's new baby, wesson.
it takes a lot of time, but turns out really cute in my opinion!

these were just a few projects that i was actually able to get pictures of.
they have sure helped me pass the time from day to day.
for those of you that haven't discovered pinterest yet, GET ON IT.
and when you do, be sure to follow me!
it really is the most incredible thing ever invented.



columbus day weekend.

dear mr. columbus,

i want to thank you for coming to america so many years ago. because of you, i was able to go on one of the best three-day vacations ever with my husband. we took a five hour drive to big bend national park and boy oh boy, was it delightful. can you feel our joy?

we had a rocky start at first. this sight definitely made my stomach turn:

i thought we were in for a couple of cold, wet days. it's hard to believe, that ten minutes later, it looked like this:

we set up camp, ate smores, and played games on our first night:

the next day, we hiked a couple miles to "the window":

it was so nice to be around mountains. it gave us that safe, enclosed, utah feel. i lurved it. thank goodness, we didn't have any encounters with wild animals like everyone else around us. between the couple bears and mountain lions that were spotted, we got lucky and only had to deal with the numerous amount of skunks.

seriously though.

i felt like our camp was being overtaken every night. we actually had one skunk almost rip a hole in our tent, trying to get in. it woke both of us up and i shined my flashlight in its direction and i could see its little nose poking through our zipper. i didn't want it to spray us, but i didn't want it in bed with us either, so i grabbed zachary's shoe and smacked it in the face. it pulled back and stuck its tail up in the air immediately! we held our breath, hoping it wouldn't spray and luckily it just walked away. that was one of many during our two night stay.

we spent the rest of our time doing things that all people on vacation should do.
eating ourselves sick with junk food:
{i added the pumpkins to give it a falltime feel. little things like that make me happy.} 

sleeping in:
 {nighttime/sleeping is probably my favorite part of camping}

eating delectable breakfasts and dinners: 
{cinnamon roll pancakes and tin foil dinners, mmm!}

and napping:
{isn't he so cute?}

so, basically we just slept and ate the whole time. it was a much needed getaway and we are very appreciative of your long journey to discover this land, so we can enjoy it. thanks again!


adios tejas.

lo and behold, there is an end in sight!
as much as i have loved *clears throat* being a texan for these last 6 months, it's time to move on.
in just shy of two months {dec. 2nd}, zachary will be reporting to vandenberg afb, ca for
5 months of training.
can i get a HOLLA for christmas in cali?!
and disneyland!
his graduation date will be may 2nd.
we haven't heard yet whether or not we will be going to our permanent base before or after training, but we have heard where it will be...

....drum roll please....

f.e. warren afb in cheyenne, wyoming!!
it's funny, in the past year or so, we've driven through cheyenne twice; once in the
summer and once in the winter.
both times, i remember saying out loud, "gosh, i'm so glad we don't live here."
goes to show how ironic life can be, i guess, but, i am still so very excited!
this puts us approximately 7 hours from north salt lake {zachary's hometown} and about 8 and 1/2 hours from ephraim {my hometown}.
we could do that on a weekend, easy!
that alone, makes me love it already.

life is good and finally moving forward.
i couldn't ask for more.
except, maybe, for one of these:
-the wife
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