dear baby a,

where to even start? i've had countless conversations with you in my head {and out loud}, but i have yet to write even one of them down. being pregnant is weird. my entire life {and especially after pinterest came about}, i've had this vision of what pregnancy would be like and how i would handle it:

i would take a picture every single week in the exact same outfit in the exact same place at the exact same time.
i would spend hours upon hours reading about everything there is to know about being pregnant/childbirth. ie. what i can and can't eat, best exercise moves, natural or epidural, etc.
i would have a closet full of the most adorable outfits and a whole trunk stuffed full of bows that i so easily made.
i would eat only the best of foods and work out every single day, so as not to get chubby.
i would write in my journal every day, documenting every movement and feeling of you in my belly and exactly how it all made me feel.

it's funny to see that list and to know i truly believed it'd be like that. i hate that i'm human and i'm not perfect at juggling time and cravings. this is how being pregnant with you has panned out so far:

up to date, i think i've taken maybe 4 belly pictures, with the last one being at 16 weeks - i'm now almost 24 weeks now. don't be mad.
i've bought two childbirth books - that's gotta count for something, right? i'm officially 17 pages into one of them that i started 3 and 1/2 weeks ago. as for reading about the best tips for pregnancy, i have three different apps on my phone that give me a short schpeel on what to do/not do. i guess it gets the job done.
your grandma has bought you loads of outfits, but as for me? i think i've bought you 3. don't get me wrong, they're so so cute, but i'm having a hard time spending money on them when i know you're going to be growing so fast when you're here! and i've made you one bow. that looks like poop. i wish i was a better crafter.
i'm sorry for the sugar overload lately, which i know you've noticed because you get more feisty every time i eat a piece of candy. i just can't seem to stop! i can feel myself putting on weight and it's not just the good weight either. i'll try to be better and eat healthier foods.
i've written in my journal twice during this entire pregnancy - the day i found out that it was for real and another day when i felt guilty for not doing it more.

i guess what i'm trying to say is - i'm sorry things didn't go as planned. sometimes i find that i've forgotten that i am even pregnant! that is until i have the sudden urge to pee when i know i just peed ten minutes ago. or when i catch a glimpse in the mirror of my big growing belly. or when i look at the scale and get disheartened to see that i weigh more than i've ever weighed before. i'm sorry i don't have every minute documented, so you can look back and see how much fun i had in your first stages of life. but just because it isn't documented, doesn't mean i'm not loving it. because i am. i love feeling you kick late at night and knowing that you're going to be a big time night owl - just like me. i love the way your dad gets when he talks about you - telling me how excited he is for you to be a daddy's girl and go on daddy-daughter dates and watch star wars together and go on your first camping trip. he even has your nickname picked out and he can't wait to use it. and i especially love envisioning the pretty little lady that i know you're going to be. i'm sorry i'm a little scatterbrained and forgetful, but always know this - i'll never forget to tell you i love you. not a single day of your life. hopefully that will help ease the blow of all of my many imperfections along the way.

we can't wait to meet you, little sweet pea. and until we do, keep growing healthy and strong.

your mama


it's the little things.


chatting on fb with your man all night while he's at work, just to talk about your halloween costumes...when it's only march.

hearing your favorite song on the radio.

when your husband shushes you, just so he can talk to the baby in your belly.

taking a nap with your adorable dog.

sitting down after being on your feet all day.

clean and folded laundry.

watching one of your favorite movies. {you've got mail}

going through old pictures.

having a husband that does the dishes. bless his soul.

driving around at sunset.

finding a good deal on shoes.

movie theater popcorn.

having a whole pot of leftover soup in the fridge, keeping you from having to make dinner for a week.

jellybeans. how i love easter time.

feeling the babelet move for the first time. and the second. and the third. and every time after that.

having slumber parties with the hubs and watching children's movies on netflix.

working part time. oh, it is glorious!

what are some of your favorite little things?

-the mrs.


operation paradise: part two

are you ready for part two of our caribbean palooza?? i could just sit and look at these pictures all day. i want to go back asap!

knock knock puerto rico. we're here!

god bless america...

cute cute cute.

umm, there's a bird on my head.

pb&j cupcake. coming up on the blog soon.

you can't have cupcakes without some milk, right?

"zachary, take a picture of me by this pretty fountain!" *spills snow cone everywhere*

mmm, so serene.

did i mention i'm prego? pretty sure this belly popped out overnight.

smoking hot alert.

let's get our snorkel on!

oh, hello mr. turtle.

and how are you today, mr. stingray?

got fried. had to wear a t-shirt whilst snorkeling. felt like an ugly teenage boy all day.

we read on the boat. a lot.

all dressed up for formal night.

two words: room service.

frog legs, anyone?

our besties.

every night. #nofilter #totallylegit

i really can't get over how great this vacation was. if you are thinking about going on a cruise - do it. if you're too scared to go on one {like i was} - get over it and just do it! you won't regret it. you'll never want to vacation any other way. that's all.

-the mrs.


operation paradise: part one.

so, rather than try to tell you how awesomely fantastic our vacay was, I thought it'd be easier just to share some pics. in a two segment series. because there's so many of them. gosh, this makes me want to go back, stat! without further ado, here is our trip in megapixel form. {beware, i snuck a movie in there as well!}

"this is our house for the next 8 days? uh, yes, please."

bon voyage!

random horses. everywhere.

can't spend time in a tropical paradise without a pina colada!

Tortola - you're really pretty.

don't worry, i'm just getting warmed up. this is only the beginning! stay tuned for the second half of our blissful adventure.

-the mrs.


10 facts/tips for cruising.

some of you may or may not know that zachary and i just got back from my very first cruise! {i say my because zachary has been on 2 of them, prior to knowing me. i know - what was he thinking?} anyway, it would be an understatement to say that it was awesome. it was seriously the best vacation i've ever been on. even better than hawaii {if you can believe that.}

now that we're back in the states and we have some time at the airport to kill {only eight hours is all}, i decided to come up with a list of 10 things i learned on our cruise that i wanted to be sure to share with all of you. here they are:

1- if you eat a hamburger all 8 days of your 8 day cruise, you might get just a tiny bit sick of them.

2 - before you shower and get looking all cute, go outside first and check the weather. you're going to be ticked when it's cold and windy and your adorable little swim suit cover-up keeps flying up over your head.

3 - the casino always wins. always.

4 - when it comes to sunscreen - reapply, reapply, reapply. then reapply some more.

5 - when you order room service, make sure you're done showering before they stop by to deliver your food. that makes for an awkward moment outside your bathroom door.

6 - it is possible to gain ten pounds in one week.

7 - flying by the seat of your pants at every stop, with no plans and some cash in your pocket is the way to go. unless you're given the option to swim with turtles, sting rays, and squid. that's when you just fork over the 160 bucks for the cruise's excursion package and experience the coolest thing you've ever seen in your life.

8 - the first night with your dinner-mates may send you into shell shock at how awkward it is. but do not give up! hang in there and by the end of your cruise they'll feel like long lost friends and you'll miss them every time you sit down to eat afterwards.

9 - multiple soft serve ice creams in a day is awesome. but it's okay to say no sometimes too. which would probably help with the troubles of #6.

10 - when you can't understand your waiter through his thick foreign accent, just nod your head and laugh a little. unless he just told you his wife got knocked up by another dude and left him last month and now he's depressed. this would not be a good time to laugh.

there you have it. the ten most valuable things i learned this week. i hope you learn something from our mistakes experiences as well and in the meantime, be looking forward to a picture overload from our trip. it's going to be wild.

-the mrs.
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