summer joys

as i was coming home today, i was feeling particularly happy. it was a beautiful day outside, LOTS of good things happened this week and i had just gotten out of a job interview that i felt really good about. of course i am always happy {give or take a few days} but today seemed to be a little more noticeable.

and then it happened.

as i was turning the corner, i saw three adorable little kids sitting next to a table. on this table was a cooler and a cardboard sign that read "juice pops...50¢" {as rodney atkins would say, "man, what a picture-perfect postcard this would make of america."} i thought to myself, "self, it's warm outside, you have a couple extra bucks, why not put them to good use?" so i pulled over and one of the little girls got very animated when she asked me which kind of popsicle i would like. i told her an orange-pineapple would do so she proceeded to grab it for me. i gave the oldest girl 2 dollars and told them they could keep the change. i don't think i have ever seen a more grateful 7 year old. the look on all of their faces was PRICELESS.

every kid dreams of becoming rich off a front yard lemonade stand {or in this case a popsicle stand}. i realize that yeah, i may not be able to donate a million dollars to some kid that wants to make a few extra bucks, but to them, even 2 dollars means the world! so starting today, no matter when or where, every time i see a couple of kids selling popsicles, lemonade, juice, etc. i will be their #1 supporter. {even if it means having to eat in for dinner that night}.

p.s. i'm pretty sure this was the BEST popsicle i've ever had. that is all.


my antonio banderas

i happen to be a very lucky girl. let me introduce you to the man that i am head over heels for {aka zachary averett}

behold the goodness... i know you're probably thinking, "well what about this picture ISN'T there to love?" just remember that he's already taken...

he is a GOOFBALL {the good kind}. he has literally got to be the funniest person i have ever met. he's a pro at making me laugh and has this uncanny ability to make me happy, even when i am in one of my unpleasant/crabby/mad/sad moods.


my favorite things about this boy:

-his cute smile
-how he plays with my hair when we cuddle
-the messages he leaves me when i miss his call
-his gorgeous green eyes
-how his hands are softer than mine
-the need i feel to tell him everything
-the way he dresses {very fine}
-his mexicano skin {hence the antonio banderas}
-how he talks about himself in 3rd person to alleviate awkwardness
-his love for Heavenly Father
-he knows everything there is to know about airplanes {hot.}
-the way he melts my heart when he carries his nephew to bed
-his selflessness
-his untamable left eyebrow
-the fact that we can laugh and talk and laugh some more and not realize an hour has gone by
-we are in love
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