that's what i love about sunday.

i think that song paints a pretty good picture of what sundays feel like.

here's what i love about sundays:
going to church
having time to write in my journal
not having to exercise
dinner and games with friends
writing mission buddies
going on walks
naps, naps, and more naps

and a recent favorite: going on picnics with my husband

zachary took me to a {gorgeous} part of base yesterday.
it had trees and picnic tables next to this lake, with swinging chairs.
we planned on eating lunch and reading our books,
but we ended up talking and laughing non-stop for a couple of hours.
it was the perfect sunday activity!

what is your favorite thing to do on sunday?

-the wife


lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

zachary had president's day off, so we spent it at the montgomery zoo!
before we got there, we made a list of things we thought we would see.
this list included a:

double stroller
an orangutan
camel back
boa constrictor
foreigner speaking a foreign language
baby elephant
an i <3 (insert state) t-shirt
boa constrictor
spider monkey
hot dog
sunburned individual
person eating an ice cream cone
golden eagle
child on a leash

we then made a 5 x 5 grid and placed each one of these in a square and played

{zoo bingo!}

i really have never had so much fun at the zoo in my life! we determined that the loser owes a 15 minute back massage, along with having to do the dishes for a whole 2 days.

guess who lost?...yes. me.

after lurking creepily around the lunch tables, trying to see what different people ordered, zachary spotted his final object {a hot dog}. the lame part was that i could have won 3 different ways, but 2 of the animals that i needed, the zoo didn't even have! i tend to get pretty competitive, so i will admit that at first i was a little bitter. that wore off quickly though and we were able to enjoy a cute little train ride.

the good news is: i only have 1 more day of dish duty!

another fun thing we did over the weekend, was go to a mardi gras parade. they threw out candy, mardi gras beads, and moon pies {random!}

we topped off the night with some good ol' cici's pizza.

my family used to go there when i was a kid all the time! it sure brought back some good memories.

well, until next time my friends! sayanora.

-the wife



we are still loving it out here in 'bama-ville!
i feel like we have been so tremendously blessed in how easy it was to adjust to all of this.
zachary is loving asbc, despite the long hours.
he gets to do fun stuff like shoot guns at the firing range.
see what it's like to be struck with tear gas.

       {....ok maybe not so fun.}

and yesterday, his flight had a big soccer game.
it was fun to go watch and support him.
i am loving being with him every chance i can.

i actually met a few other wives this week and we've hung out almost every day.
i haven't known them for very long, but they are some incredible girls!
i am amazed at how welcoming they are and at how much they have to offer.
they have been my saving grace out here.
days can get pretty lonely when you are stuck in a hotel room by yourself.
i am so grateful that i was able to meet them and become friends with them,
because they are such wonderful people!

i have really been opened up to the tender mercies of the Lord while being away from utah.
it is easy to overlook how much he blesses me each day.
i thought for sure that i would get here and more homesick than ever!
while i do miss my family and friends a whole lot, i feel like i've been able to stand my ground.
that alone tells me that i am being watched over and cared for everyday.

what are some of your blessings? don't be afraid to spill your guts! :)

-the wife


Valentine's Day

So, I frequently tell people (Sarah) how much it drives me crazy to see things such as this on Facebook, blogs, etc:

"Shnookums, I'm so happy that you are the sweetest little love-bug that I've ever smooched."


"Happy Anniversary lover-baby-google-bunches!  I hope to look in to your dreamy eyes for eternity!!!"


"I have the hottest husband/boyfriend/fiancĂ©!  I can't wait to kiss him later!! *giggle giggle*"

It seems to me, to do such twitterpated blubbering in front of any creepy and insincere eyes completely cheapens the emotion of love.  Not only that, but I was always one of those folks that felt uncomfortable when others were lovingly-blubbering between each other. Yes, I know, that's MY problem.  If you don't want to hear it, stop reading.  Otherwise, humor me and continue... it will get better, I promise.

So am I going to write a post on Valentine's Day and not say anything about my wife?  No.  In fact, quite the opposite.  For one thing, Valentine's day is about selflessness, and me holding back from telling the world how much my wife means to me is selfish.  Maybe marriage has made me softer.  Maybe my wife has broken my manly shell.  Maybe I have seen the light... I don't know.  Or, maybe it's okay to tell others how much someone means to you every once and a while.  So here it goes...

My heart melts when I wake up in the middle of the night to Sarah wrapping her arms around me.  I'm nearly overcome when I come home to her and see the genuine (always so genuine!) smile that she has to greet me with.  My heart skips a beat when I see her from a distance and realize for the billionth time that she is all mine.  In fact, let me share with you a story.

Today I was walking out to the workout track here at Maxwell Air Force Base with a bunch of flight-mates.  Suddenly a silver car drives by and - in a matter of a few milliseconds - the following thoughts raced through my mind:

Wow, that's a pretty woman driving that pretty car -- Crap!! Zach, you're married and can't think like that anymore -- Oh wait!! -- That's my beautiful wife!  Yes!  Zach, you are married and you CAN think like that!

One of the other guys said, "that girl was smiling lots, who's girl is it?"

Proudly (oh, so proudly) I say rather unintentionally-dreamy, "Mine."

That is just one moment out of a dozen I experience every day with Sarah.  Perhaps the thing I love most about my sweet wife is just knowing how lucky I am to have her.  I know it's clichĂ©, but she is my other half. No, I take that back, she is my other three-fourths!  My life is so much better with her in it.  I will always be grateful for her courage in following me into the wild blue yonder, just so she could be with me forever.  I will always be grateful for her care.  To be blunt - but honest - I will always be grateful for how hot she is too (talk about a self-esteem boost - she picked me!!).

There you have it folks... I've done it.  I've confessed to the world how much I love my wife.  I've shared something special with the masses.  That mass of people could include friends, loved-ones, enemies, and creepy stalker people. But let's be honest, 75% of the reason I wrote this post was for Sarah, 20% for me, and maybe 5% for you.  If that offends you, then you might really be offended by this:  I don't love you nearly as much as I love her.

To all those people that have someone, share with THEM how much you love them.  If the most romantic thing you do today is write on Facebook: "I love my Bear-Bear so so so much I could spit!" - shame on you.

To all those people that don't have someone, let the love-struck fools in the world blubber a little.  I promise, you have the stomach for it even if you don't want to admit it.  Some day it will be your turn and you will be a teency bit ashamed to admit that it's kinda fun. ;)

-the husband


a chance for change.

after 30 excruciating hours in the car, we finally made it here to Maxwell AFB!
we stayed at our cousins' house the first night and loved it!
they are actually my best friend kaitlyn's brother and sister-in-law, but since i am now an
averett, they happen to be my cousins!
that is so cool to me! :)
anyway, we had a good time catching up with them.
the next night we stayed in some little run-down hotel in memphis.
it didn't look run-down on the internet, but let me tell you, looks can be deceiving!
we seemed to manage though.
there's no need for anything more than a bed when i've got my cute boy sleepin' next to me.
the next day it was only five more hours {that felt like a breeze!} of driving and we made it to Montgomery.
while driving in, i became a little nervous of the big city.
there are freeways, buildings, and one-way streets everywhere!
i remember being so anxious about how big everything was when we stopped in memphis.
i found myself looking over my shoulder every couple minutes for some dude with a knife.
or saying a silent prayer that when we got back to our car, it would be all in one piece.
it was a relief being able to just leave the next day.
while staying here though, i have nowhere else to go!
to help with this, zachary and i have spent the last two days just driving around,
catching a glimpse of what the south is all about.
it has been simply delightful!
when you hear the words:

{southern hospitality}

 that is no exaggeration.
people that you have never met are so nice, so friendly, and so excited to
learn about your life!
it's sad to say, but it feels so unnatural.
i don't remember ever feeling like that much in the last 11 years living in utah,
let alone being like that.
so, that is what i am going to do.
from now on, i am stepping out of this shy, invisible bubble that has been around me
since before i can remember.
the one that has been keeping me from meeting so many people with something good to offer.
so...no more awkward silences as i am standing in line at the grocery store.
no more trying to find a seat in public that will keep me secluded from unwanted company.
and certainly, no more trying my best to avoid eye contact from a passerby.
this is goal of mine.
put into writing.
a goal for change and improvement.
i will be sure to let you know how this turns out.
wish me luck!

-the wife


my electronic world.

yay for the iphone!
boo for at&t

i hate at&t.
i don't think i have ever met a person that had decent reception with them.
yes, verizon is getting the iphone this month, but del rio is the only place in the world
that doesn't have data coverage with them!
let's compare:

 = no reception

 = good reception (the only place within a hundred miles)

it wouldn't surprise me if after the iphone comes to verizon,
at&t goes under completely.
we're hoping they will make some major adjustments and try better to
accomodate their customers.
until then, don't get mad if we never talk.
this time, it really isn't my fault!

-the wife
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