bucket list

1. go to europe.
2. hike a national park.  {8/27/2011}

{yep, that's us. way down there.}

3. go fishing in alaska.
4. have kids.
5. watch the jazz play in a town other than slc.  {4/9/11}

{jazz vs spurs in san antonio}

6. go to a major league baseball game.
7. read the standard works.
8. go skinny dipping.
9. own a truck.
10. be in a christmas pageant.
11. save enough money in change to buy a ticket to disneyland. {3/3/12}

{$2 in gold dollars, $73.75 in quarters, $22.10 in dimes, $8.35 in nickels, and $5.55 in pennies}

12. visit all 50 states.
13. celebrate new year's eve in times square.
14. go to a professional football game.
15. ride in a taxi cab.
16. go panning for gold.
17. buy a puppy and train it. 
18. bury a time capsule.
19. go to a broadway production.
20. ride in a limo.
21. run a half marathon.
22. see the northern lights.
23. talk with an accent for an entire day.
24. go to a professional soccer game.
25. get married in the temple. {12/28/2010}

{manti, ut temple}

26. go camping.  {10/8/2011}

{big bend national park-tx}

27. go on a cruise.
28. carve our names in a tree.
29. get professional massages.  {12/31/2010}
30. teach someone the gospel.
31. go to the hawaiian temple.
32. plant a tree.
33. build a house.
34. go to the circus.  {8/30/2011}

{del rio, tx}

35. plant a garden.
36. go on a mission.
37. ride a train.
38. milk a cow.
39. own a urinal.
40. fund a non-family missionary.
41. achieve our ideal weight.
42. chop down our own christmas tree.
43. go on a 4-wheeling extravaganza.  {7/4/2011}

{ephraim canyon-ut}

44. go to tahiti.
45. build a birdhouse.
46. send a message in a bottle.
47. fly first class.
48. go horseback riding.
49. visit the pike place fish market.
50. go to an ellen taping.
51. ride a gondola.
52. visit a volcano.
53. take a hop to somewhere we've never been.
54. go snorkeling.
55. attend an olympic event.
56. take a shower under a waterfall.
57. take a picture in front of the white house.

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