are we there yet?

in only two weeks from today, we will be driving across the country...again.
the day after we got engaged, zachary and i hopped on a plane to florida
to help his brother and sister-in-law move home from selling security systems.
the only flaw in this fabulous vacation was not getting a plane ticket back...

okay, i can't really be honest in saying that, because it was one of the best trips
ever! {despite being in the car for 36+ hours.}
I had a blast meeting my soon-to-be brother and sister-in law and their a-freaking-dorable baby girl:


anyway, call us crazy, but we will be driving to maxwell air force base in montgomery, alabama.
it is estimated to take a whopping 30 hours.
good thing zachary just stocked up on a bunch of new games on his phone, because i
think that is the only thing that will keep me sane!

we are wondering though if any of you have any good suggestions of things to do down south? he will have the weekends off, so we want to go take a look around the area. if you know of any fun places to go or things that we just gotta see, then please let us know!!

-the wife


one good steal of a deal.

today we made one of our very first steps to being grown-ups.
we bought a couch.
not just any couch though.
the perfect couch.
we walked into rc willey hoping to find something in our price range.
that's when we spotted this little beauty:

we fell in love with it instantly.
it was only $599 and we thought we could do that, but wanted to keep lookin'.
we then went to the 'scratch and dent' area of rc willey and let me tell you...
that place is the most amazing place ever invented.
we found this exact couch for only $400!
not only that, but the guy that sold it to us knocked off $50 even!
so for only 350 big ones, we purchased the couch of our dreams.
do you want to know why it's the couch of our dreams?

1. it is a sectional. LOVE them!
2. it's very comfy.
3. can you see how wide those cushions are? = some good cuddlin' with the lieutenant.
4. we loved the colors of the pillows. they will be easy to color coordinate decorations
    for our living room!
5. did i mention it was only $350???

we are super excited about it!
next step...washer and dryer.
any suggestions?

-the wife



tadah! we decided that it would be more convenient just to blog together.
now you can be updated on both of our lives at the same time!
today marks the 2 week anniversary of our blissful married life.
{and by blissful, i mean absolutely 100% fantastically wonderful}
we were suppose to move to del rio, texas on january 4th.
right now...we are living in north salt lake, utah.
as you can see there is some serious confusion in these two scenarios.
it's a long and complicating story, but the gist of it is:
we will be in utah until february 6th! yay!
this gives us a lot more time to see family and friends, as well as a moment to
breathe and enjoy being together as newlyweds.
i know i've said it before, but being married really is
everything i ever wanted it to be and more.
i'd be lying if i didn't say it is different trying to incorporate two lives into one.
not hard.
just different.
but there is nothing more worth it.
i love being able to snuggle up to my cute boy every night,
and waking up to this face every morning...

delightful isn't it?
he takes such good care of me.
i fall more and more in love with him every day.
i can't believe that i am actually living this life!

-the wife


do you believe in magic?

i sure do now!

to me, magic is waiting your entire life for your wedding day
and having it go perfectly.
magic is being able to spend time with more family and friends
than imaginable and relishing every moment of it.
and lastly, magic is leaving the party that was thrown just for
you and your honey and being ten times more in LOVE than
when the day began.

everything was so wonderful all day long.
i've heard so many times that it can be a stressful day and we may
not even have time to think of each other,
but it wasn't like that at all!
i owe it all to my handsomely incredible husband.

        that is so fun to say!!

i have an overwhelmingly extreme feeling of love.
it feels like i am going to burst at the seams any minute now.
this boy that i have been in love with for months is
finally mine forever!!

being married is everything i could ever want and more
and our wedding day will most definitely go down in history as
the most magical day of my life!

{more pictures to follow shortly}

-the wife
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