~suMmA tiMe~

so as i am sitting here doing my homework..

{i know, i know, i've heard it a billion times. "nobody in their right mind should be doing homework in the summer." trust me, it's a mistake i hope to never make again}
it got me thinking about how great this summer has been so far. yeah, having to take anatomy sure blows, but i am grateful that i have been able to squeeze in a good time every weekend. {literally...EVERY weekend.. ;)}

i am especially grateful for the fact that i have been able to spend these good times with people i love and care about. this summer has been one like i have never experienced, but in a good way. here's a glimpse of the fabulous times we have had, from e-town to bear lake!

girl's day out! Urika, Katlin and my birthdays are all within about a month, so we decided to celebrate by getting FULL BODY MASSAGES! it was glorious.

my adorable best friend kaitlyn marie averett threw me a tea party for my 20th birthday! who said prom dresses were only good for one night? :)
these are my cute friends that attended the tea party for lady sarah {myself}. we have been friends since the sixth grade. boy oh boy am i grateful for these girls. we have had some grand adventures and i can't wait for more to come! {l to r: stephanie, shandi, alyssa, lacey [popsicle stick], me, kaitlyn, feleicia, emily}

i feel so honored to say that for an entire weekend, i was able to be a part of the averett family. you may think this is no big deal, since i have been best friends with these two girls {who happen to both be averetts} for quite some time, but when i say "averett family" i am talking the ENTIRE averett family. i was able to go bear lake for their reunion and i must say that it was one of the funnest vacations of my life! i truly love that family. every last one of them.
behold the goodness. creamy. delicious. succulent. it looks harmless right? i thought so too. so i fearlessly engulfed three entire shakes over the weekend...little did i know what HUGE effects they could have on my stomach...
i was in charge of a blood drive and believe it or not, i donated blood! not only that, i was able to coax my bestest friend to do it with me...we save lives!
i went to my very 1st rEal soccer game this summer! this was made possible by this fantastically amazing boy of mine {zachary averett}. after a romantic dinner at mimi's cafe, we came to the game and watched our team whomp on new england {5-0}. following the game, there were fireworks which made the night even more magical! i couldn't have asked for a better birthday present.

i got to spend my 4th of july with my man zachary, my bestie arika, and the rest of their wonderful fam. it was a fabulous weekend filled with lots of food, fireworks, games, and relaxation {a personal fav}.
the night was ended with a spontaneous denny's run {thanks to the brilliant idea of merilee}.
one of the best things about summer is the endless popsicles and ice cream. so last weekend up in logan, we decided to make our own ice cream! all i have to say is it was MmMmM good. here is the recipe if you want it. works like a charm!
as we were in logan, my family decided to drive through and stay the night. we went and had dinner with them in paradise and took a little sunday stroll to the canal {which happens to be the same canal that my dad proposed to my mother at. *adorable*}
take 2 for the trips to bear lake. this time, the trip was for a stevenson family reunion. although i felt a little more out of place than at the averett one, they were very good at making me feel welcome and at home. we had a talent show, went wakeboarding, played games, and got very sunburned. i had a grand old time! {that's right..i am dating that}.
for 3 months now, every weekend has been spent with this studly man of mine. he is the one thing i look forward to seeing at the end of every week and the one thing i can't wait to talk to at the end of every day. short piece of advice: long distance relationships are hard, but they are SO worth it. especially when you get a catch as good as i did...

stayed tuned for future shenanigans that we are guaranteed to get ourselves into...

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