change. i hate change.

today was the first day of my second week of school.
i didn't think it was a good idea to write anything about it last week,
because i'm pretty sure i couldn't have done it
without sitting on my couch for an
hour or more crying my eyes out. {oh wait, i did that everyday anyway}
i've realized lately, how afraid i am of change.

yes, i am living with my very best friends in the entire world.
yes, i get to be with the man of my dreams
everyday {DEFINITE PLUS}
and yes there are a billion things to do all the time because there is
actually a substantial amount of people living in the area.
but maybe i have a bad case of
the-grass-is-greener-on-the-other-side syndrome
because even with all of these spectacular things in my life,
i still can't help but miss
cute little ephraim.

{doesn't this picture make you miss it too?}

i miss my house.
i miss my yard.
i miss those sanpete mountains.
i miss my dog. {that's a BIG deal}
i miss the familiar smell of turkey poop. {never thought i'd say that}
i miss roy's pizza.
i miss kaitlyn's family.
i miss having one stoplight in the entire town.
i miss free parking at the college.
i miss the summertime bonfires.
i miss the fact that you can walk anywhere and it's
never more than a mile.
i miss the one finger wave to/from everyone you pass.
i miss going to wal-mart because there's nothing else to do.
i miss running into people i actually know.

but most of all, i miss these people...

{my cute family}

i miss my little brother and his sweet personality.


i miss my little sister and her incredible ability to be herself, no matter what anyone thinks.


i miss my older brothers and how much they make me laugh.

{david and daniel. no david is not crossed-eyed and no daniel is not an orney butt...posers.}

i miss my sister-in-law and our good sister talks.


i miss my older sister and her enthusiasm for life.

{michael, rebecca, lizzy}

and lastly, i miss my adorable mom and dad. so much. i think i'll go tell them that right now...

i get kind of sentimental when i think about my family.
sometimes i wish i could go back to the good ol' days when
life was just fun and games.
all i needed was a sibling by my side to be happy.
i guess one good thing about all of this, is the fact that no
matter what happens, they'll still be family!
i love them all so much and can't wait to see them in only
4 days!! {and counting}


  1. you're a funny kid! ever since i've known you, you have always been counting something. i think the first thing i can remember you counting was how many days until you could eat candy again! i miss you, buddy! hang in there!

  2. sarah!!! that is so sweet....you know you do have a cousin that only lives two seconds away that would love to be part of your life and see you... :)

  3. Sarah, I felt the EXACT same way when I moved to Salt Lake last year. I thought I was being such a baby, but it turns out that a lot of people feel this way when they move away for college. Don't worry, it gets a LOT better :) Hang in there!


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