my better half.

i feel utterly overwhelmed and completely blessed right now.
life seems to be one fiery ball of opposition/challenge,
but nothing makes me feel like i can get through it more,
than when i am wrapped in the 
loving arms of this boy...

maybe i am a little biased, but i think we have something unique. 
something i only imagined possible for the few "lucky" people in this world.
something i have hoped my whole life for, but never thought i'd get.

tim mcgraw sums up this "something" pretty well...

you're more than a lover
there could never be another
to make me feel the way you do.
oh we just get closer
i fall in love all over
every time I look at you.
i don't know where I'd be
without you here with me,
life with you makes perfect sense
you're my best friend.

yes, i have a best friend to keep forever.
a best friend that i love with my whole heart and can be loved by in return.
a best friend that makes me feel complete when we're together.
a best friend that knows me so well, a second thought isn't needed
in knowing how to heal my pain.
why i was given such a blessing of a boy, i don't know.

but i couldn't be more grateful.

1 comment:

  1. You were given such a blessing because you deserve it!


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