it's that time of year...

no, your eyes are not deceiving you.
we haven't even had thanksgiving yet, but my blog is now decorated for 
this is my most favoritest holiday that there has ever been.
there is something about it that is different from everyday life.
i don't mean just christmas day either. i mean all of december.

i love the music that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.
i love how everyone is happy and cheery.
i love the christmas movies that come around once a year. {ok maybe i don't always save those for just christmas time. elf is a year-round fav}
i love having an excuse to make hot chocolate and cuddle up in my pajamas.
i love all of the christmas decorations, especially the lit up houses.
i love eating candy canes. {they're like christmas in your mouth} 
i love decorating our christmas tree.
i love the gift exchanges.
i love the thoughtful kind hearts of others that seems to be more openly shown around this time.
i love the focus that we are able to have on our Savior, Jesus Christ.
i love the all around good feeling that accompanies this joyous month.

along with the things listed above, this christmas just got even better, 
believe it or not.
the reason being that just three days afterwards,  
i'm getting married!!!

oh what a blessed fantabulous day!


my better half.

i feel utterly overwhelmed and completely blessed right now.
life seems to be one fiery ball of opposition/challenge,
but nothing makes me feel like i can get through it more,
than when i am wrapped in the 
loving arms of this boy...

maybe i am a little biased, but i think we have something unique. 
something i only imagined possible for the few "lucky" people in this world.
something i have hoped my whole life for, but never thought i'd get.

tim mcgraw sums up this "something" pretty well...

you're more than a lover
there could never be another
to make me feel the way you do.
oh we just get closer
i fall in love all over
every time I look at you.
i don't know where I'd be
without you here with me,
life with you makes perfect sense
you're my best friend.

yes, i have a best friend to keep forever.
a best friend that i love with my whole heart and can be loved by in return.
a best friend that makes me feel complete when we're together.
a best friend that knows me so well, a second thought isn't needed
in knowing how to heal my pain.
why i was given such a blessing of a boy, i don't know.

but i couldn't be more grateful.


i believe...

... taking a bubble bath while reading your favorite book is
by far the best way to relax.

...in celebrating holidays to their fullest. they only come around once a year,
so you had better enjoy it for as long
as you can. {this means that it's ok to listen to christmas music in october}

...in saying “goodbye,” “hello,” and “i love you” no matter how 
angry or frustrated I am.

…it’s totally okay to be afraid of the dark when you’re a “grown up.”

...this has to be the cutest watch ever! it will most definitely be
going on my christmas wish list.

...smiling at a stranger does more good than harm. you never know
how much a sincere smile can do for someone.

...a best friend is someone that you can do anything or nothing
with and still have the time of your life.

...i am going to marry the most handsome/sincere/romantic/kind/greatest boy in the universe.

...in laughing out loud when everything in life seems to be going wrong.

...running is one of the hardest, most rewarding things that i attempt to do. i hate it and crave it at the very same time.

...unicorns are real, but they all happen to own invisibility cloaks.

...that we don't have to change friends if we understand that friends change.

...duct tape and super glue can fix anything.

...that sometimes when i'm angry, i have the right to be angry.
but that doesn't give me the right to be cruel.

...someday i will be the instant winner on the bottom of a soda lid.

...that kisses are wonderful.

...everyone has a story that can make you cry.

what do you believe in?

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