giveaway winner!

i'm so sorry i'm late in getting this up. my family came to visit this weekend {hooray!}, so we were busy having fun and bonding. i am so excited to announce though, that the winner for the free pearl earrings and the $15 target gift card has been announced! behold:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

congrats mary! i will be e-mailing you shortly. thanks a million to all of you other wonderful people that entered and have supported this blog. love you all! i hope you're enjoying this fun fall weather with september having rolled in and everything and i hope to see you around these parts again real soon!

-the mrs.


  1. Hey Sarah! Congrats on a great start to a new blog plus a successful giveaway over here! I am wondering if yo would be interested in button swapping? for either of your blogs ... let me know!


  2. new follower! your blog is adorable!

    stop by sometime!

  3. Hi. I was the winner of this giveaway. I receive the pearl earrings but not the Target gift card. You had written to say your husband was mailing out the gift card, but that was 2 months ago. I'm just wondering if you ever sent it and it got lost, or if I should just forget about it???


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