top five friday.

i'm not even going to draw attention to the fact that i've been a slacker over here and haven't blogged in weeks. i really don't have any excuse other than i work 4+ hours every day {soon to be 9}, i have a growing blog that needs taking care of, a puppy that needs immediate attention always, and not to mention my sweet, sweet mister that, as sad as it is, has basically gotten nothing more than my left over time after doing all of these aforementioned things. thank heavens for a supportive husband! i know all of this may seem like nothing to some people, but it's been a serious change of pace around our house and it's taking some getting used to. bear with me, friends! anyway, i vote that it's time for another top five friday. here goes:

#1 - my sister-in-law, arika,  is in town!! i picked her up from the airport the other day and have been loving every moment since. it's always fun to have family around. we have learned to cherish it so much with not living close!

#2 - bicycle rides. in denver. yep, that's right. arika and i got brave and rented bicycles in downtown denver and rode them all over town. this was the first time i'd ever ridden a bicycle in traffic before and i almost got hit by a bus only once. talk about success! i have now decided that bicycling is the only way i want to tour any big city from now on. i'm not kidding! not only was it nice to get some exercise in, but it was so freaking fun! i couldn't stop smiling the entire time. my favorite part? riding in the park and some black guy yelling, "hello beautiful white ladies! how y'all doin'?" haha! totally made our day. i highly recommend this activity to everyone!

#3 - pinkberry. don't know what pinkberry is? imagine some of the most delectable frozen yogurt you can think of. it's not self-serve, which is annoying, but it tastes so delightful! maybe it's my imagination, but it actually even tastes healthy compared to most frozen yogurt.

my friend whitney has told me on more than one occasion that i need to try this place, but i haven't ever gotten around to it until now. thanks whit, for officially getting me hooked!

#4 - job upgrade. as i already said, i am officially going to full time work in a week and a half. i am beyond excited, but let's be honest - i'm also scared half to death. i worry about how i'm going to take care of everything i need to here and i also worry about having enough to do in the day. we stay pretty busy while i'm at work now, but a few of my co-workers have said that it gets slow in the afternoon/evening. there's nothing that will make me feel more uncomfortable than having nothing to do when i'm on the clock. i want my boss to feel like he's getting his money's worth outta me! speaking of money, my boss told me i'm getting a raise as well. hooray! i don't know how much it'll be, but i'm grateful it's happening at all considering i've only been there just over a month. talk about some serious blessings! i absolutely love love love my job and i hope it continues to just get better and better!

#5 - photoshoots. did you know that arika is an awesome photographer? because she is. zachary and i haven't had pictures taken together since our engagements, almost two whole years ago and arika was kind enough to take some for while she's been here. i am so excited about how they turned out! there will be more to come, but here's a little sneak peek:

i can't wait to blow all of them up and put them in our house!!

i hope you have a fantastic friday folks {wow, that'a tongue twister} and that you can get some relaxation in this weekend! we're headed on a roadtrip to utah and i'm so excited to see everyone! peace out.

-the mrs.


giveaway winner!

i'm so sorry i'm late in getting this up. my family came to visit this weekend {hooray!}, so we were busy having fun and bonding. i am so excited to announce though, that the winner for the free pearl earrings and the $15 target gift card has been announced! behold:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

congrats mary! i will be e-mailing you shortly. thanks a million to all of you other wonderful people that entered and have supported this blog. love you all! i hope you're enjoying this fun fall weather with september having rolled in and everything and i hope to see you around these parts again real soon!

-the mrs.
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