it's the little things.


chatting on fb with your man all night while he's at work, just to talk about your halloween costumes...when it's only march.

hearing your favorite song on the radio.

when your husband shushes you, just so he can talk to the baby in your belly.

taking a nap with your adorable dog.

sitting down after being on your feet all day.

clean and folded laundry.

watching one of your favorite movies. {you've got mail}

going through old pictures.

having a husband that does the dishes. bless his soul.

driving around at sunset.

finding a good deal on shoes.

movie theater popcorn.

having a whole pot of leftover soup in the fridge, keeping you from having to make dinner for a week.

jellybeans. how i love easter time.

feeling the babelet move for the first time. and the second. and the third. and every time after that.

having slumber parties with the hubs and watching children's movies on netflix.

working part time. oh, it is glorious!

what are some of your favorite little things?

-the mrs.


  1. you are so cute. i love this. and yes, the babelet moving, in our case, running a marathon, is one of my favorite things... ;)

    such a cute post.

  2. You're adorable! My favorite is definitely a good deal on shoes :)


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