top five friday 2.6.15

there's something about focusing on what you're grateful for that makes you realize how good your life really is. which is why top five friday posts are my favorite and really the only posts that i keep up on this ol' blog. deal with it. here we go for this week:

1 - mommy daughter dates. i haven't been very good at doing these regularly because let's be honest - when you're a stay at home mom, every day is a mommy daughter date. but i do want to be better at going out and doing something fun. if for nothing else, than to get out of the house, because dang. last weekend, one of our cars was in the shop and zach had to go to work overnight. so, i was stuck without a car for a day and a half and that about made me crazy! not complaining though, because being a sahm rocks. just fyi. anyway, today was kind of the ultimate date all day long. we went swimming,

{don't ask me what face this is. i told her to smile and this is what came out.}

ate at panera bread,

{in the middle of our meal, she insisted on giving me a big hug and a wet one with that messy face. let's just say that my shirt and hair both need washing now.}

got frozen yogurt for dessert,

{She should pretty much be a model.}

and then went home for a nap. as soon as addi woke up, zach was home and we went to the dog park, where addi probably pet every dog there, and then to the human park where she played and played to her heart's content. my house may be a mess right now, but i feel like a rockstar mom.

2 - running. man alive, is running good for my soul. do i like it? still undecided. but do i like how it makes me feel? dang straight. zach and i are training for the salt lake half marathon in april and i've been discouraged at how much i want to resist it compared to last summer when i was training for one. then we went running outside {because it was 65 degrees yesterday!} and i was reminded why i wanted to run it in the first place. i'm sorry, but i don't care what you say, treadmill running and outside running are way different. by the time we were done, we both felt like life was perfect and that we could do anything. if you're not into running, get into it. it will change your life.

speaking of working out - this is my motivation to do it. i can't even begin to tell you how downright delicious these are. i haven't been able to stop thinking about them since the first time i made them, so i'm making them for a friend tomorrow and will most definitely be keeping some for myself. make them. now. 

4 - snowboarding. five years ago, actually probably during this exact week, i was snowboarding at sundance and i ate it hard, broke my collarbone, and had to be sent down the mountain on a snowmobile. of course, it had to be on the first run too. boo. i have only been snowboarding once since, and that was even less glamourous. my friends, megan, vince, and i had plans to have a boarding trip here in colorado, but that fell through. so, when we went to utah last week, we all had to jump on the chance to go together. my most memorable snowboarding memories are with vince and megan, so i'm glad we were able to go again! 

5 - this.

i was changing the description in my instagram account this week and wanted to put up a couple things that described me. after writing all of this in, i sat back and couldn't help but think what a great life i live. it might not be perfect and can seem difficult at times, but it's full of joy and happiness and never once would i want to be living a different one.

happy friday, friends.

-the mrs.

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  1. Hahaha! That first picture? Love it!
    When we lived in North Salt Lake, we had a membership at the Bountiful rec center and we would go swim all the time! Now that we've moved away, I miss being able to swim with my little ones! So glad you guys are making so many great mommy-daughter memories!



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