top five friday 1.5.17

1 - we just booked a trip to cabo! we are going at the beginning of june and we are doing it without kids. i'm so excited!! the last kidless trip we went on, we took a red eye to orlando {biggest mistake of our life}, got on a boat, and set out to the bahamas. there was a huge storm the first night we were out and the rocking and swaying was ridiculous. i was already not up to par from being so exhausted {remember the red eye? oh, and i was also 18 weeks pregnant} and i ended up having to leave dinner early because i felt so nauseous. i got right outside the door and puked everywhere. so embarrassing. and yet, i really didn't care as much as you'd think i would, because i felt so. dang. awful. we slept almost that whole trip away. my point is, this trip will be soooo welcomed. we found an awesome room at an awesome resort and it was ridiculously cheap! so stoked.

2 - i spent almost 3 full hours walking around target on monday. also by myself. {totally coincidental that the first two highlights of my week have to do with me being away from my kids...i promise i don't hate them.} it was gloooorious. i spent way too much money, but i'm patting myself on the back because since i spent a lot less than i wanted to. winning? i just want to revamp my entire life with everything target.

3 - i signed up for a 6-week workout program that will probably rock my world {not in a good way}, but i'm weirdly excited for it. i've been needing something to kick me in the butt and get me to workout. i have successfully counted calories and eaten better for over a week now, but that can only get me so far if i'm not exercising. my friend, diana, and i have been practicing for the early mornings that the program is going to bring {5:30 am. ouch.} and have been to the gym early in the mornings a couple of times this week. it hurts so bad to get out of bed {totally not a morning person. as far from it as possible.}, but it feels incredible when i can come home and shower before the kids are even awake! {even if it means me taking a quick nap at 9 am. ha! i'm not joking.}

4 - we went on our first family bike ride! every year, zach and i make a list of big-ticket items that we want or need and then we number them, based on which ones we think we should buy first. then we put money into a savings account each month that goes purely to buying things on that list and it is so fun to see the list get smaller and smaller! we have had bicycles and a trailer on our list for the longest time and we finally bought them about a week after graham was born...not the greatest timing. now that he is big enough to sit up and not being bounced around all over the place, we were finally able to use it and it was awesome. i didn't realize how much i loved riding a bike. {even if my butt says otherwise.} can't wait to use it more. too bad that we just got a foot of snow dumped on us.

5 - it's a new year. i'm a sucker for fresh starts. i've seen a bunch of things going around about how much of a crock the idea of a "new year, new you" is and it makes me so sad! i love the clean slate feeling that the turn of a new year brings. sure, you won't just magically be a different person on jan 1 than you were on dec 31, but it makes you think about how you want to change and how you're going to do it. i love it. we were able to celebrate 2017 with dear friends that we have made in cheyenne and we had so much fun. {especially the part where we ate cuban sandwiches. first timer here and man, they are amazing!!} we are sure going to miss everyone when we move this year.

happy first week of the year!

-the mrs.

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