are we there yet?

in only two weeks from today, we will be driving across the country...again.
the day after we got engaged, zachary and i hopped on a plane to florida
to help his brother and sister-in-law move home from selling security systems.
the only flaw in this fabulous vacation was not getting a plane ticket back...

okay, i can't really be honest in saying that, because it was one of the best trips
ever! {despite being in the car for 36+ hours.}
I had a blast meeting my soon-to-be brother and sister-in law and their a-freaking-dorable baby girl:


anyway, call us crazy, but we will be driving to maxwell air force base in montgomery, alabama.
it is estimated to take a whopping 30 hours.
good thing zachary just stocked up on a bunch of new games on his phone, because i
think that is the only thing that will keep me sane!

we are wondering though if any of you have any good suggestions of things to do down south? he will have the weekends off, so we want to go take a look around the area. if you know of any fun places to go or things that we just gotta see, then please let us know!!

-the wife

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