one good steal of a deal.

today we made one of our very first steps to being grown-ups.
we bought a couch.
not just any couch though.
the perfect couch.
we walked into rc willey hoping to find something in our price range.
that's when we spotted this little beauty:

we fell in love with it instantly.
it was only $599 and we thought we could do that, but wanted to keep lookin'.
we then went to the 'scratch and dent' area of rc willey and let me tell you...
that place is the most amazing place ever invented.
we found this exact couch for only $400!
not only that, but the guy that sold it to us knocked off $50 even!
so for only 350 big ones, we purchased the couch of our dreams.
do you want to know why it's the couch of our dreams?

1. it is a sectional. LOVE them!
2. it's very comfy.
3. can you see how wide those cushions are? = some good cuddlin' with the lieutenant.
4. we loved the colors of the pillows. they will be easy to color coordinate decorations
    for our living room!
5. did i mention it was only $350???

we are super excited about it!
next step...washer and dryer.
any suggestions?

-the wife


  1. oh my - this is SO cute! Way to go!

  2. Check KSL.com. There are always great deals on stuff like that.

  3. you guys are precious. Now that you're still in SLC we'll have to do something!!!!!

  4. Hey, Sarah, you don't really know me but I went to school with Zach (commissioned last May) and I just saw this post and thought I'd offer up a suggestion about a washer and dryer when you get to Laughlin. We just started using the base laundry-mat for a few months while we waited to move on to base, but I ended up finding another family that was moving off base (separating from the AF) and was getting rid of their washer and dryer. We ended up getting a washer and dryer pair from this family for $100! Now they aren't new, but they will work until we can earn up the money to get new ones that we really want. I guess my overall advice is to look at the base bulletins to find something that another military family is getting rid of, and to not feel like you have to buy everything RIGHT AWAY because you just got married and don't have anything right now. Take your time, save up your pennies, and get what you actually want when you have the money for it! Let me know if I can help you out with any more "household" type things since heaven knows my husband didn't do it! :) jarvis.kara@gmail.com


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