one very rotten apple.

remember the days when almost nobody carried a cell phone and just seeing one was a novelty?
yeah, me neither.
which is why i was pretty upset when this happened:

i drop my phone all the time.
it's been knocked off my dresser, fallen from the bathroom counter,
shoved off the kitchen table, etc.
but the moment it falls out of my hand, {less than two feet from the floor might i add}, it shatters.
at least the bloody thing still works, or you might find me sitting in a corner in the fetal position, rocking back and forth.
it's more than a pain, trying to pick out the glass slivers in my hands every time i use it.

i love apple, but this is absolutely unacceptable.
not only because phones shouldn't be made of glass in the first place, but there are so many cases exactly like this and yet the warranty doesn't cover one bit of it.
i call for a strike!
who's with me?

-the wife

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