a day in the life...

i know you really don't care, but i want to share with you a day in the life of sarah:

9-9:30-wake up.
10:00-have breakfast.
10:15-get ready, so i can look half decent for my man.
10:35-tidy up the house.
11:30-wait patiently for zachary to come home.
11:35-eat lunch, watch t.v., and get as much cuddling in with zachary as possible.
12:30-send zachary back to work.
1:00-watch some t.v.
2:00-stalk people's blogs.
2:40-find the cheapest way to travel to disneyland/europe/utah/any kind of vacation.
4:00-wait patiently for zachary to come home.
and then the rest of the day/night is spent doing worthwhile things because i have a
cool husband that makes life fun again.

i mainly want to focus on the hours of 12:35-4:00, though.
can you see a trend here?
i waste so much time in a day, it should be a crime.
i'm not trying to complain because i'm pretty sure there have been multiple times in my life when i have wished for nothing more than to sit at home everyday and do nothing.
i am just getting a little burned out is all.

so, to all you wives out there, how do you do it?
how do you fill your time in a day without wanting to cry from a boredom overdose?
i would think that the obvious solution would be to get a job, but we are
moving soon, so it wouldn't really be worth it.
do you have any cool crafts that you have loved and are willing to share?
any fun hobbies that while taking up your time, don't drain the bank account?
please help a sista out!

-the wife


  1. Hey Sarah! I suffer from the same problem! :-( The job market sucks and I don't think I'll find anything soon, judging from what I hear around town...so I've been trying to keep busy in other ways too. And having a kid is definitely NOT on my list yet. ;-) Anyway, I try to read a little bit every day. I have also been re-teaching myself the piano, and I bake all the time! Its amazing how many recipes you can get out of a bag of flour, sugar and a pound of butter! :-) I've also been looking into volunteering. I know it's not much to add to your day...but maybe it'll help. Miss you!!

  2. so i know we've never actually met, but since y'all are living in our old house AND you are from sanpete (where my grandma grew up) i feel some strange connection to you. with that strange comment aside, do you like home decorating? we are coming back in a couple weeks, and i have some projects i would LOVE help with and could really use advice on some things. things like paint colors, making curtains, and reupholstering an ugly chair. i'm learning as i go for the most part, so i could use a second brain!

  3. Becky-It sounds like you're doing a pretty good job at staying busy! Do you guys have a piano? I would love to get one! I wish we lived closer to each other, so we could fill our days with hanging out together. P.S. Those vanilla macaroons looked de-freaking-licious! Where'd you get your recipe? :)

    Andrea-I didn't know your grandma was from Sanpete! Is it the same grandma that is related to Paul Dyreng? {that is still so crazy bizarre to me! what a small world} and yes, i LOVE home decorating, I'm just not very good at it. I feel like I haven't developed the eye for it yet, seeing that we've only been married for 7 months and the last 3 months, I haven't even bothered with it since we are moving soon. Maybe you could give me a few pointers and teach me your ways? :)

  4. ha! i don't know that i have any "ways" to teach you, but i sure would love company! and someone to help me make decisions. that's the hardest part for me. and yep, my grandma was marge dyreng, (dyreng is my middle name) so if you know a dyreng, i'm related!

    and again...sorry if i'm the creep-o stalking you online. i promise i'm not crazy. just up late with a crying baby:)

  5. I know how you feel my husband works 14 hour days he leaves at 4 am and gets home around 6. haha.. I took up scrapbooking sounds lame but it is really fun actually and its fun to look back at the memories. I also bake a lot which is probably not good cause then i eat all the goodies. I recently decided to try to decorate cakes like birthday cakes and stuff for fun it really is fun and cheap if you make your own frosting. I also am teaching my self how to sew skirts and stuff.

  6. Haha no creepiness felt, Andrea. No worries. I would be more than happy to help you! It would be nice to get outta the house :)

    Dawn-do you decorate with fondant or just normal frosting? You should post some pics on your blog and walk me through it! My neighbor decorates cakes and I've thought it sounds kinda fun. Also, there is a blog, elleapparel.blogspot.com, and the girl that writes it teaches how to make the CUTEST skirts and cardigans and stuff. I haven't tried any yet, but you might like to check it out if you are wanting some new skirts to sew :)

  7. I just use buttercream frosting.. Ill eventually get to the fondant i think but i heard its harder haha and i am just learning plus the buttercream tastes so much better than fondant. It is super fun although everytime i cook i dont know why but i make the biggest mess and it is kind of messy with the frosting but so fun ha. And i will go check out that blog i am waiting 2 more weeks so i can make skinny skirts istead of fat pregnant ones haha.

  8. I am in the same boat! All I do is sit and rot now. It was fine when we were in apartments or our other hotels where we had pools, work out rooms, and other wives nearby but now we are in a ghetto hotel with none of those things AND the hotel has a rule that we cant be outside unless we are smoking... gross. they will kick us back inside our prison cells. so i know exactly how you feel, and it sucks! i feel like i am wasting my whole month of August and life is so short that I kinda freak out when I feel like I'm wasting even a day lol. I would make crafts but then we have to load them up to take them home... cause I began to do that but realized how much room they took after moving from place to place lol. Feel your pain sista... maybe we should meet in the middle and make adventures of our own;) lol.


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