cali baby.

after weeks of no internet, we are finally back in business! and boy, does it feel good. there is so much to share, i don't even know where to begin. first off, can i just say that i have never been so happy to see this sight in my entire life:

yes my friends, that would be del rio, texas floating away in our rear view mirror. i honestly miss our friends so much, but i am oh so glad that i will never have to set foot in that town again...hopefully.

it took us three long days to get to vandenberg afb. in which time, there was lots of laughing, way {and i mean way} too much junk food eating, and tons of stress. the dingbats at home depot failed to reserve our truck that we asked for, so we were stuck with the only one they had left. which happened to also be the largest one available.

{look at the size of that thing!}

take that and add on a trailer and we figured that we were pulling around 55 feet of truck. phoenix and los angeles were pretty scary to go through. i had to make myself look away several times because i was sure we were going to wreck. not to mention the anxiety attack we got everytime we had to fill the dang thing up. luckily, i have an incredible husband that can handle anything. he really did such an amazing job of weaving through traffic and taking care of things in this whale of a vehicle. i'm glad i married such a manly man. we learned a valuable lesson though and that is that we will never do a full-dity move again. ever.

anyway, moving right along. it took us a while to find an apartment and get settled in, but the wait was well worth it. i absolutely love our new place. it's nothing extravagant, but it definitely has a homey feeling to it. i'll have to post pictures once we get it cleaned up.

santa maria is like living in a vacation world, no joke. so many people have told us it's quite the "sleepy" town, but we have come to find that there is so much to do and see here that we are wondering how we're going to fit it all in. i think what i love most is how much variety there is. vandenberg itself is nestled back in the mountains about twenty minutes from town. in the couple days we were driving around, we saw 5 or 6 coyotes, so that gives you a good idea at how tucked away it really is.
then as you are driving into town, you come across acres and acres of vineyards and strawberry fields and you are just sucked into that country, hometown feel. it makes you want to sit on a front porch and do nothing but drink lemonade and play the guitar. then ten minutes later, you are in the middle of the hustle and bustle of santa maria. which, by the way, happens to have a joanns, michaels, target, and a frozen yogurt store. i could live here my whole life if possible! on top of that, you drive another half an hour or so, and you find yourself right on the beach. pismo beach to be exact. that's where we visited this last weekend.

we were only there for a couple hours, but the whole time, i kept thinking to myself that i can't believe this is the life we are actually living. it felt like something from a movie. even down to the fact that we saw dolphins from the pier:

it was incredible! we also happened to be visiting at 11:11 on 11/11/11, so we had someone snap a photo for us at just the right moment.

i feel so happy and blessed to be here. we have a great ward and have already met some incredible people including this couple. seriously? they. are. awesome. i'm so grateful for their open arms in welcoming us here. they've definitely made us feel a little more at home. i'm very excited for this new chapter in our life and can't wait to see what it has to offer!

-the wife

p.s. remind me next time to introduce you to the newest member of our family. ;)


  1. first of all...LUCKY! I wish I was on the beach with "11:11 on 11/11/11" engraved in the sand...I was probably changing a poopy diaper haha! Looks like a lot of fun! We love meg moffat/now clifford! Derek and her used to be next door neighbors in AZ. I will be calling you soon sarah, I have a question for you! lurve you both!

  2. So whose idea was it to do the dity? For us, it was Ty's idea. I ended up doing a lot of the packing and cleaning because the Mr was outprocessing and what not. I was NOT happy.

    Glad you are finding so many good things about So CA. Its one of the best places to visit!!!

  3. Haha we love Meg and her fam too Nikki. They have been so much fun to be around! It blows my mind at what a small world it is! And I can't wait to talk to you. I want you to know that I get butterflies everytime I think of you being here for Christmas. I hope it happens! Miss your face!

    It was basically both of our ideas Makamae. We've heard you can make some good money off of it, so we figured what the heck, but I don't think we are going to make like anything. ha We really didn't have much weight to make it worth it :( Was it worth it for you guys?

  4. i am super jealous, i wish i lived that close to the beach lucky girl :)

  5. I am so happy for you guys! I'm glad you hear you are doing so well. Jeff and I are also VERY excited to see you guys at Thanksgiving!

  6. Sounds so dreamy! and im glad you two made it safely there!

  7. oh no - WE are the lucky ones! I am so excited you guys are here and I am so glad you are having so much fun! We love it too and it still feels like a vacation every day. Yay!

    I feel like we are going to bug the crap out of you...

    "Call you 5 minutes!"

  8. We came out about 2k richer than we were before, but I'm still not sure the headache was worth that much. I told Ty "NEVER again!"

  9. Haha Meg, that could NEVER happen! I'm loving our walks and Joanns runs so much already. It's great!

    Makamae, was that 2k on top of your DLA?


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