happy pinning!

i believe that a celebration is in order.
i recently pinned my one-THOUSANDTH pin on pinterest.
yay! {don't mind the fact that this just proves how terribly i manage my time.}
in honor of this joyous occasion, i thought i'd share some of the projects i've
completed from this lovely site.
i've found that it's a lot easier to pin items than it is to make them, but here is my little start:

i am in LOVE with wreaths and this one was so easy, it's ridiculous. 
all you need is a foam wreath, a couple yards of felt, and pins.
lots and lots of pins.
it's simple, yet elegant and i absolutely love it!

these are a favorite in our house!
if i'm not careful i could probably eat the whole pan by myself.
the recipe tells you how to make them actually look like twix bars and everything, but i found that it was easier and less messy just to make them into cookie bars.
they taste the same {delicious} regardless of what shape they're in, so whatev.

i actually felt like this project completely tanked.
you can't really tell in this picture how bulky, bunchy, and overall ugly it us, BUT i want you to see what the original looked like on her website because it is so cute!
if you are a crocheting beginner, this is a great project for you.
there are only two or three different stitches throughout the entire project, so once you get those down, it's not too bad.
my only sugesstion is to be sure to use some thin yarn or it will turn out to be a disaster, case in point.

i feel so proud that i actually did it!
it turned out more yellowish than i hoped, but that's okay.
i love it so much that it is hanging on my door right now.
it was really easy and super cheap; probably the best combo ever.

these seriously taste like the real thing.
it only calls for three ingredients too!

or as Zachary likes to call it: The Outtie Belly Button Blanket.
this has by far been my favorite project.
i made this blanket here for my sister-in-law nikki's new baby, jace, and i made a brown one just like it for my friend amber's new baby, wesson.
it takes a lot of time, but turns out really cute in my opinion!

these were just a few projects that i was actually able to get pictures of.
they have sure helped me pass the time from day to day.
for those of you that haven't discovered pinterest yet, GET ON IT.
and when you do, be sure to follow me!
it really is the most incredible thing ever invented.



  1. I really like #1 and #2. I just might try them. And I think you're #3 place mat looks great.

  2. Pinterest really is AMAZING! Oh my gosh sarah! You are seriously so talented! Jacle loves his "belly button" blanket by the way! We will take a picture of him on it and send it to you! Thanks so much! Miss you guys!

  3. I am noticing a delicious trend in the home-made candy bar realm. You should post about every one you do so I can get the recipes too!

  4. I am so jealous you have done all these projects! Some day I will get to it. I don't want to accumulate tons of crafty cutesy projects and then have to leave them where ever I am before I get back to where I am living permanently. :P I hate living out of a suit case :P But they look awesome!!

  5. wow check you out. all of those are so stinkin cute. good job :)

  6. Those look great! I love the "belly button" blanket :) I think I need to make it! How big the blanket when you were done?

  7. Thank you girls! They were some really fun projects! Chels, you should give me your email and I'll send you some more links for homemade candy bars :) Katie, you can make the blanket any size you want really, but I looked all over the internet to find average sizes of baby blankets and most places said to make them 36x36, so that's what I try to do. Let me know if you have any more questions about it! I would love to help :)

  8. So much fun!!! i love that i found you. in real life, and on the interweb. Life has dramatically improved for the Cliffords already. ;)


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