someone had a birthday yesterday.
and i'm not talking just any someone, but a very special someone.
my handsome husband turned a whopping 27!
we've kind of made it a tradition that the birthday boy or girl gets breakfast in bed on their big day.
german pancakes to be exact.
sad story though - i set my alarm to wake up with enough time to make everything and catch him before he got up and in the middle of the night....my phone died. {if only i had a dollar for everytime that happened.}
i guess whether it's breakfast in bed or breakfast at the table, it all tastes the same right?

i gave it my best shot in trying to be creative this year. and by creative, i actually mean snagging an idea from 'the dating divas' and customizing it. his present consisted of a flow of presents all day long in the form of envelopes.

there was one envelope for each hour of the day, that he got to open on that hour.
the envelopes consisted of an iTunes gift card, coupons for a "man night" or dinner date, etc., a "choose a gift" card, and letters from nearly our entire family!
i really couldn't thank both our families enough for helping me.
it meant so much to hear from all of them and will definitely be something he will remember.

since we both had to work all day, it was nice to be able to send him on his way with a few envelopes, so he could still open presents when i wasn't with him!
the moment he got home though, we went to dinner at Yanagi Sushi and Grill.
fun fact about zachary: he love love LOVES sushi.
fun fact about me: i don't.
and yet, it was still incredibly delicious.

{zachary drinking his miso soup aka tofu and dirt.}

{yes, vegetable sushi is still sushi.}

to top it all off, we had some friends over tonight to eat cake and ice cream. {while watching the biggest loser. oxymoron?}

{can you believe he was able to actually blow all of those out? sheesh.}

after all was said and done, i think my favorite present was the remote control helicopter:

we played with it for hours after opening it. {we're children at heart.}

it wasn't even my birthday and i had a fabulous day.
i am so grateful for my charming man and for the things he does for me everyday.
he really is the best thing that's ever happened to me.
happy birthday, babe.
i can't wait to spend many more together!

-the wife


  1. What a fun idea with the envelopes! I love it! It sounds like Zach sure is lucky to have an amazing wife like you!

  2. Ha well thank you! P.S. I love that whenever you view our blog, it says we have a visitor from the North Pole. Hope you're helping Santa up there this time of year! :)

  3. How cute!!!! I love the envelope idea!

  4. You crack me up... Tofu and dirt... Haha. Seriously though- how is anyone going to top that?!

  5. Thats such a cute idea. I might be stealing that next year for Matthew :)

  6. Thanks Whitney!

    That's seriously what it tasted {and looked} like Meg! Disgusting stuff.

    Crystal you should totally do it! It really was just as fun for me as it was for him. You both will love it!


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