top five friday.

i'm going to try something a little different here on the blog.
this is my introduction to "top five friday"; a weekly post where i will share five things that i love.

here are this week's:

#1. zachary and i both didn't have to work today. {and don't have to for two weeks. holla!}

#2. this video from david archuleta:

isn't that just the sweetest thing ever? i may or may not have cried a little with him the first time i saw it.

#3. these super easy christmas tags:

after using up our entire christmas budget, i realized we forgot to buy present tags. what's cheaper AND cuter than some kraft paper already on hand and stamps?

#4. this photo found on pinerest, captioned "this is why you marry your best friend."

pretty much sums it up. i'm so glad i married my best friend that makes me laugh everyday.

#5. new jammies. we do a christmas pj swap every year and i've dubbed these as the ones i want. think this is a big enough hint to the hubs to let him know which ones to get?

{found at target.com}

what are your favorite things this friday?

-the wife


  1. Love this idea! Sarah you are too cute! my favorite things this week would be. . .winning 2 giveaways (an awesome goodie bag AND 3 awesome dSLR camera accessories!), seeing my husband after basically 3 weeks of consecutive travel, AND cooking with my mom! Thank you for being so dang cute! (LOVE your tags you made by the way!)

  2. Thank you Nikki! Those are some GREAT friday favs. I didn't know that you even had a dSLR camera. We want one, so you and Arika will have to show us the ropes on how to use one/which one to buy. :) Miss you!


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