oh, yeah. we went to hawaii.

i know it's been a month since we took our heavenly vacation, but when you don't have a computer, it makes it hard to sort through and edit photos. luckily, the mr. bought us a brand new laptop over the weekend, so all of that changed!

one of the perks of a husband being in the military is being able to fly space-a on military planes. travis afb, near san francisco, is a huge space-a hub and i couldn't stand the thought of leaving california and not taking advantage of that. the up side to flying space-a is that it's absolutely free. the down side is that no flights are guaranteed. after two failed attempts, we were on the verge of just getting on the next plane out of there to anchorage, ak. luckily though, the third time was the charm and we finally made it to our destination - oahu, hawaii. as much as i would love to give you every little detail about our trip {because really, every tiny bit of it was fantastic}, i also don't want to bore you to death. so i'm just going to share my favorite parts:

#1 - waking up from my nap on the plane to one of the majors baking cookies. what the random! yet fantastically awesome.

2 - the honolulu swap meet. best place to buy souvenirs, hands down.

3 - matsumoto's shaved ice. i love shaved ice!

4 - having a beach right outside our cabana.

4 - snorkeling in hanauma bay. this was definitely the highlight of our trip. it made me kinda nervous at first and i was positive that i'd be swept out to sea, but after i got used to it, we found ourselves way past the breakers and into the good stuff. coolest. place. ever.

now, without further ado, here's a video to summarize our trip in pictures. enjoy!

-the mrs.


  1. So I really wish you would have jumped on that plane to AK. That would have been SWEET!!! But I do realize that Hawaii is also pretty sweet. Sounds like you guys had an awesome trip. Let us know if you ever do decide to come up!

    1. Haha we really were so close to doing it Chels. And our first thought about it was, "We could go visit the Moores!!" Maybe next time :)


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