i believe...

...in dropping everything to slow dance in your bedroom.

...that 'boy meets world' will forever be a classic.

...sewing has therapeutic effects.

...pregnancy should end at 8 months instead of 9. there's only so much more pressure my pelvis can take.

...this sticky bun breakfast ring is my new favorite breakfast.

...every town should have two walmarts and who gets to shop at each walmart is dependent on their average walking speed.

...that judging from the amount of stares I get, the majority of the public have never seen a pregnant chick before.

...it's way easier to want to clean up your messes if your house is already clean.

...having contractions 5 minutes apart doesn't mean squat. despite what the doctors tell me.

...moving and packing up yourself is no fun. no fun at all.

...having a sick husband is also no fun.

...everybody should start a blog and make money off of it. it's amazeballs.

...having no a/c is pretty much the pits in the dead of summer.

...waking up to the mister still being home is one of the best feelings ever.

...eating ice cream is good for the soul.

...we picked a really good dog.

...i need to go on vacation. stat.


  1. I need a vacation too--preferably somewhere warm, with a beach and cute cabana boys to bring me fruity umbrella drinks.

  2. i love this list! although i'm not prego, i can agree with almost everything else!


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