my electronic world.

yay for the iphone!
boo for at&t

i hate at&t.
i don't think i have ever met a person that had decent reception with them.
yes, verizon is getting the iphone this month, but del rio is the only place in the world
that doesn't have data coverage with them!
let's compare:

 = no reception

 = good reception (the only place within a hundred miles)

it wouldn't surprise me if after the iphone comes to verizon,
at&t goes under completely.
we're hoping they will make some major adjustments and try better to
accomodate their customers.
until then, don't get mad if we never talk.
this time, it really isn't my fault!

-the wife


  1. I have At&t and I have never had a problem with reception as long as I'm not in Ephraim. I've never had a call drop, or had too staticy of a call. So now you've met one person who has been happy with her at&t


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