the proposal anniversary.

one year ago today, i said yes to the most important question of my life:

"will you marry me?"

i can remember it like it was yesterday.
zachary managed to take me by complete surprise as we sat there in that little da40 aircraft.

{for the full story, click here}

i have to commend him for that, because there are few times in my life where
i have actually been surprised.
there were so many emotions running through my head in a matter of seconds.
i wanted to jump for joy and at the same time burst in to tears.
it was such a thrill!
it's so funny to think back to that day and realize how much we really didn't know each other.
compared to now anyway.
it was a time full of superficial twitterpation.
that sounds bad, like we didn't love each other or something.
not true.
of course we loved each other or i wouldn't have said yes.
but, after feeling what i feel today, it's incredible to see how much the dynamic of our relationship has changed and turned in to something much deeper; a stronger love than i have words for.
i can't begin to tell you how much i appreciate him and care about him and i love the fact that
it only keeps getting better.
thanks for picking me, babe, and for asking me to be your wife!
i love you.



  1. Isn't it funny? How back then you couldn't imagine loving him more? And today, you realize how much your love has grown? I can't imagine what it will be like in 20 years :P

  2. Seriously! It's uncanny how living with a person can help your love grow as fast as it does. It's so great!

  3. We got engaged on the same day.. haha Weird.

  4. Hi Sarah. You and your hubby are so darned cute. I have enjoyed browsing your blog...hope you don't mind. Anywho, you stopped by my place not long ago and inquired about a picture of an awesome crate vingette. I happened upon it on the 'net. I believe I just googled crates, or crate vignette's and up it popped. Hope that helps. Come back and visit soon.
    Erika @ Retropolitanhip.blogspot.com


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