it is now september!
do you know what this means?
cool crisp nights. {well, everywhere but del rio that is}
beautiful fall leaves.
school buses roaming around the neighborhood.
the feeling of halloween just around the corner.
i absolutely love this time of year!
i set out my new wassail scented wax melt today and boy oh boy, i wish i could
send you its fragrance through my little typing fingers.
it screams fall and has enveloped my entire house...mmm.
i think it's going to send me into an autumn coma.

here are a few other things that have gotten me into the fall-time spirit:
1. doesn't this porch look so welcoming? 
2. what adorable little pumpkins! And the best part of all, is this awesome tutorial on
how to make them yourself. i love diys.
3. an easy and very elegant centerpiece for those holiday parties coming up!
4. boots + scarves = fall for sure. this outfit is beautiful beyond words! i love the belted scarf.
5. awesome step-by-step instructions on how to make these simple, yet decorative wheat jars. all i need is a silhouette cameo to make them with and a mantle to put them on!

i think my favorite fall decoration that i have come across so far though, would have
to be this little beauty:

gorgeous eh?
i found everything to make it at joanns for just 7 bucks!
too bad we don't have a joanns nearby though, because it's an extra 6 dollars
just for shipping and handling.
curse you shipping and handling!!
i'll probably end up caving and buying it all anyway.
i think it is beautiful and sounds super easy to make.

i was also informed today, that september is national sewing month.
so, i took it upon myself to buy some cute $5 fabric at wal-mart and will be attempting
to make this incredibly awesome scarf this weekend:

it could be a superbly rewarding experience or an awful, self-esteem crushing, miserable one.
i'll be sure to let you know which path it takes.
anyway, i hope you are all just as excited about this change in seasons as i am and that you take some time to sip a hot cup of wassail and eat a slice of pumpkin pie for me!

-the wife


  1. I find it ironic that when we moved there, Walmart got rid of the fabric section, and not months after we leave, they bring it back. Weird. Its like took it away just for me. :P

  2. I think I almost forgot about fall because it isn't getting colder and the leaves aren't changing color :(...so thanks for reminding me. I LOVE fall. It is definitely one of the best times of year and I really want cute fall decorations too!

  3. I love those ideas! I love them so much I made the wreath this weekend :)
    Ha ha...it's the exact same- I'm such a copycap! Hope you don't mind :)

  4. Haha I don't mind at all! It's so cute huh? I'm glad I could provide you some inspiration! :)


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