five fab favs

five things that i am loving in my life right now:

1. frozen coconut limeade:
{picture and recipe can be found here}
it's only wednesday and i've already made 2 batches of this, this week. zachary and i love it! i make it virgin of course, by using "coco reals cream of coconut". it's like 3 bucks at walmart, but it tastes like a million dollars in your mouth. you should make some right now. do it. and love it.

2. marble wars:

{l to r: kathryn, andrew, zachary, me, nate. amber taking pic.}
i'd never even heard of this game until i met zachary's family. his brother, alex, has a friend that makes them and when we visited utah a couple weeks ago, alex surprised us and gave us one! it is seriously the funnest game ever. we had so much fun playing it last week with these guys that zachary and i sat down and played like 7 games for family home evening. it. was. awesome.

3. "dance moms"

i think this trailer put all of the drama from every episode in to one. it's really not that bad....ok, maybe it is. but who doesn't like drama? as long as i'm not a part of it, i am a-okay. anyway, aside from the yelling and crying crazy people in this show, my favorite part is watching these little girls dance. holy-freaking-cow! for the first time in my life, i can honestly say that i would love to raise a dancer. if my little girl could be half as good as these girls are, i would be proud. all of the other moms get jealous of maddie beating their girls at every competition, but seriously? don't be hatin' just cause she is good! she has some serious talent to behold.

4. cd exchanges.
a couple weeks ago, i got a fb message from my cute friend mykel beorchia, asking me to do a cd exchange with her. she had just heard anberlin's song "inevitable", loved it, and wanted it. so she gave an offer that in exchange for some anberlin music, she'd give me some of her favorites. and just like that, i had four cd's of brand new music that i absolutely love. {thanks mykel!} it got me thinking that i could really get used to this whole cd exchange thing, so if any of you are in dire need of new music, like myself, and would want to swap some tunes, feel free to hit me up!

 5. "brighter than the sun"-by colbie caillat.

doesn't this song make you want to dance and sing? i'm pretty sure it's been out for a couple of months, but i'm just now discovering it. definitely my favorite song of hers. good job colbie.

anything awesome in your life right now that you'd like to share? i'm up for suggestions!

-the wife


  1. That is hilarious! I took a picture of my new microwave popcorn popper because I decided I wanted to do a blog of my favorite things. We think so much alike. That coconut drink looks so good!

  2. That coconut limeade sounds amazing. Where do you get it from?! Is it just a mix you buy at Walmart? And that preview for dance moms seems intense. I love inevitable by anberlin, btw. We had that on our wedding video (such a cute song!). I'm afraid the only music I could give you that you probably already don't have is zumba music and island jams... which everyone either loves or hates. :) Hope y'all are enjoying TX!

  3. It IS so good! You guys will love it. The coconut stuff is just in a squeeze bottle back by the margarita mixes and alcohol. There are a few different brands that are non-alcoholic, but the coco reals is my favorite. Let me know how ya like it! :)

  4. P.S. Amber, what's a microwave popcorn popper?


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