we must see past what it seems.

i've been trying so hard lately to work out and be healthy.
i really have.
but, let's face it.
sometimes, i don't want to spend an entire hour pumping iron and sweating my brains out.
i don't care that it makes me feel good.
sitting on my butt, watching t.v., and eating candy makes me feel good too. {for a little bit, anyway}
to make things easier for myself on these days, i try to find things to do on my phone while i exercise, that will take my mind off the pain.
for a long time, i had a game that i would play every single day as i pedaled away on the bike, but that got old and i found myself in need of something else.
browsing pinterest and facebook has become my new thing and actually works quite well.
anyway, as i was riding and playing on facebook one day last week, i came across this story.
i was only halfway through it when there may or may not have been a few tears shed in that gym.
i was so deeply touched by this woman's strength.
not only because i can't begin to imagine the loneliness that would come with losing your husband like that, but because while i am hear soaking up this profound lesson, merely by reading her words, she had to learn it the hard way.
wouldn't we all like to wear signs around our neck, telling the world about our secrets and burdens that go unseen?
not to receive attention or pity, but like this woman said, "so that people would be more gentle..."
i am guilty of not being more gentle when i should have.
i've so easily let a snide remark slip or feelings of jealousy creep into my heart, that i don't see how someone else is feeling in their seemingly perfect life.
on the other hand, i have been on the receiving end of this situation as well.
i don't think there is anything worse than being criticized by someone that has no idea of the underlying problems going on in your life.
i can't do anything about those people, except grin and bear it.
but i can do something about the way i treat others.
from now on, i promise to try to do a little more and be a little better in reading other's signs.
feel free to join me.

-the wife

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  1. I think we all feel the receiving end of the judgment of others at one point or another in our lives. And I think its easy to forget what that is like, and its easy to slip into judging others and mistreating them. But I do think that if we knew why people were the way they were (knowing them the way God knows them), we *would* be a lot "gentler." Sympathy would be natural, and we would all be awesome 24/7. But its a struggle for me to remember this lesson. Thanks for your reminder!


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