adios tejas.

lo and behold, there is an end in sight!
as much as i have loved *clears throat* being a texan for these last 6 months, it's time to move on.
in just shy of two months {dec. 2nd}, zachary will be reporting to vandenberg afb, ca for
5 months of training.
can i get a HOLLA for christmas in cali?!
and disneyland!
his graduation date will be may 2nd.
we haven't heard yet whether or not we will be going to our permanent base before or after training, but we have heard where it will be...

....drum roll please....

f.e. warren afb in cheyenne, wyoming!!
it's funny, in the past year or so, we've driven through cheyenne twice; once in the
summer and once in the winter.
both times, i remember saying out loud, "gosh, i'm so glad we don't live here."
goes to show how ironic life can be, i guess, but, i am still so very excited!
this puts us approximately 7 hours from north salt lake {zachary's hometown} and about 8 and 1/2 hours from ephraim {my hometown}.
we could do that on a weekend, easy!
that alone, makes me love it already.

life is good and finally moving forward.
i couldn't ask for more.
except, maybe, for one of these:
-the wife

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  1. Congrats! D-land is one of my favorite places :) But just know that LA is a dirty city.


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