9 things i am grateful for today.

i am grateful for best friends.
{especially when they make me laugh...which
happens a lot.}

i am grateful for chick flicks.
{my two favs.}

i am grateful for the invention of soccer.
{4 years ago today, we won our 1st championship! happy anniversary templars.}

i am grateful for a loving and
{gosh he's adorable, isn't he?}

i am grateful for autumn.
{confession: i will go out of my way to step on a crunchy leaf.}

i am grateful for school.
{ouch. that hurt to say.}

i am grateful for bubble baths.

{"ducky ducky....come here ya dumb duck." name that movie!}

i am grateful for my family.
{love these people!}

i am grateful for cereal.
{i could eat this -->

these were just a few things off the top of my head.
i could add to the list for hours.
i truly have been blessed and have every reason to be happy.
now i am going to end my day by lying on my nice comfy couch, in my nice warm house and watch elf {literally the best movie on the planet} on my tv that is
run by electricity which i am lucky enough to have. {man, it's great to be alive.}
good night!


  1. You're a great kid! Thank you for travelling so far to come play tonight. It's always so much fun to see everyone!

  2. What a good list! I might have to copy this post idea for my own blog. And just know that I'm grateful for you Sarah June Scott Almost Averett.


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