girl meets boy.

once upon a time there was a girl.
one day this girl met a boy.
girl had a crush on boy.
boy asked girl for her number.
*shouts of elation*
boy asked girl on a date.
girl said yes.
girl and boy talked and laughed and talked for hours.
girl liked boy.
girl got butterflies just thinking about boy.
boy liked girl.
boy and girl started dating.
boy and girl could only see each other on the weekends.
every weekend that boy left, girl's insides had turned to moosh.
girl was falling in love.
boy and girl talked on the phone every night for 4 months.
girl moved to be closer to boy.
girl was in heaven.
every day spent with boy was the best day of girl's life.
girl was head over heels in love.
boy asked girl to marry him.
girl said yes.
girl wears his ring with pride.
girl is the happier than she's been in her whole life.
girl falls in love more and more everytime she sees boy.
marrying boy is all that girl can think about these days.
girl loves boy.
boy loves girl.
girl can't wait to be with boy forever.

the end.

{photo courtesy of this cute girl}


  1. love this! i have a similar story on the side bar of my blog :) arika's pictures she took are so cute of you guys! love them

  2. This is a really great pic! I need to see the rest of them. You should bring them to the alumni game if you have them. Can't wait to see you!


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