here are the rules...

1. open your photo folder.
2. scroll down to the 10th picture in your file.
3. post that picture and tell your story behind it.

i stole this game from this cute lady and thought that i'd give it a try. 
seeing that zachary is so kind as to let me use his laptop since i sold mine, 
i don't have a whole lot of pictures. 
after counting out ten pictures that were actually mine, this is the 
one that i landed on:

meet sonic. 

last year, my friend vince and i were just doin' our own thing 
one day {probably saving the world from zombies or something} 
until his dad brought cute little sonic home to us! 

yes, that is right. 

we became the new proud parents of a raccoon
we fell in love instantly. 
we spent the first night washing him up because he was 
pretty gross competely dis-gus-ting
i swear he had whole bushes matted into his fur. 

he couldn't have been more than a couple weeks old, so we had to buy kitten milk 
and feed him from a bottle. 
this may sound fun, but let me tell you...it wasn't. 
he would eat for a minute and then just stop completely. 
then he would whine and cry because he wanted some more, but he wouldn't do anything about it. 
not only that, but he would literally spit up like a baby and get 
nasty smelling milk all over you
we learned quick, not to wear clothes that we liked around him.

it was way fun to see him change after a few weeks. 
those first couple days were rough. 
he always needed attention, whether it was feeding him or needing a warm body 
to sleep with. it seriously felt like having a brand new baby. 
pretty soon though, he started getting old enough to do things on his own. 
vince taught him to hold on to your body while you 
walked around, like a little backpack. 
he would follow us around the living room and when we would stop 
he would keep going and bump into our legs. so cute! 
and ya know on pocahontas when meeko has an obsession with shiny things? 
 well that was sonic to a t
you would hold something in front of him and he would reach out 
with his little paws and try to grab it. 
he was adorable.

boy, do i miss that cute little guy.


  1. That's awesome! I had a raccoon when I was little. I know you could never believe this after meeting my family, but...what am I talking about yes you can!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. So here we are just looking at the blog and we're like "whoa that's a raccoon." Right on :)


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