sweet addiction

i have been searching high and low for the cure to homesickness or at least
to the intense/passionate dislike that i feel towards usu {no, i did not say hate}
but i still have yet to find it.
last night though, kaitlyn and i had an incredible breakthrough and
may have found a temporary remedy.

background info: when i was little, every sunday my dad
would give us a "reverence award".
if we were good/quiet in church, we were rewarded with a treat after dinner.
more often than not, this reward was his famous caramel popcorn.
we loved it as kids.
we would do just about anything for it.
when we weren't behaved enough to be able
to have it {which rarely ever happened because i was an angel child}
i remember crying my eyes out.
let me tell you, it is probably the yummiest thing ever introduced
to mankind.

now that i am all grown up, i have rediscovered its succulent taste
with my bf katymay.
boy oh boy are we hooked!
i introduced it to her in february and it has seriously become our new addiction.
i remember making it after dinner one night and we ate a lot.
then we woke up the next morning, popped in a chick flick,
and ate the rest of it for breakfast.
you think that is gross...but it doesn't stop here.
we love it so much that we made an entirely new batch and ate it
the rest of the day.
i am convinced that caramel popcorn is the sole
reason why the only difference i see on the scale is an increase.
it's a secret recipe, so all i can say is that it has
lots and lots of butter and even more sugar. mmm!

anyway, last night we were both in one of those moods
and thought that a little caramel popcorn could give us
some cheering up.
so for the first time while living here in logan, we decided to make it...

{doesn't it look incredible??}

and {as lame as it sounds} it has actually brought some serious comfort!
it's like taking a little piece of home with me.
i love these little reminders of home and most of all, reminders of my papa.
he is one of a kind and i am grateful for
everything that he teaches me.

{for those of you that need a little bit of sugar therapy yourself,
i might just make an exception and share this awesomely amazingly fabuloso recipe with you.
i'm sure you will love it just as much as kaitlyn and i do!


  1. That looks so NUMMY!!! Will you come teach me how to make some? I would love you forever if you did?! :)

  2. i love us :) and I always always always will!!!


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