lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

zachary had president's day off, so we spent it at the montgomery zoo!
before we got there, we made a list of things we thought we would see.
this list included a:

double stroller
an orangutan
camel back
boa constrictor
foreigner speaking a foreign language
baby elephant
an i <3 (insert state) t-shirt
boa constrictor
spider monkey
hot dog
sunburned individual
person eating an ice cream cone
golden eagle
child on a leash

we then made a 5 x 5 grid and placed each one of these in a square and played

{zoo bingo!}

i really have never had so much fun at the zoo in my life! we determined that the loser owes a 15 minute back massage, along with having to do the dishes for a whole 2 days.

guess who lost?...yes. me.

after lurking creepily around the lunch tables, trying to see what different people ordered, zachary spotted his final object {a hot dog}. the lame part was that i could have won 3 different ways, but 2 of the animals that i needed, the zoo didn't even have! i tend to get pretty competitive, so i will admit that at first i was a little bitter. that wore off quickly though and we were able to enjoy a cute little train ride.

the good news is: i only have 1 more day of dish duty!

another fun thing we did over the weekend, was go to a mardi gras parade. they threw out candy, mardi gras beads, and moon pies {random!}

we topped off the night with some good ol' cici's pizza.

my family used to go there when i was a kid all the time! it sure brought back some good memories.

well, until next time my friends! sayanora.

-the wife


  1. I absolutely LOVE that you played Zoo bingo!!!!

  2. Haha thanks to you guys! I wanted to link the idea to your blog, but I didn't know if you had one. Do you??

  3. i miss you two soooooooo much! It looks like you're having a lot of fun, Zoo Bingo is genius!

  4. Truly awesome! Oh man, I miss CiCi's pizza from when I lived in Ohio so much. I wouldn't say that it is like good pizza, but you just eat so much... mmmmmm..... Rock on guys!


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