we are still loving it out here in 'bama-ville!
i feel like we have been so tremendously blessed in how easy it was to adjust to all of this.
zachary is loving asbc, despite the long hours.
he gets to do fun stuff like shoot guns at the firing range.
see what it's like to be struck with tear gas.

       {....ok maybe not so fun.}

and yesterday, his flight had a big soccer game.
it was fun to go watch and support him.
i am loving being with him every chance i can.

i actually met a few other wives this week and we've hung out almost every day.
i haven't known them for very long, but they are some incredible girls!
i am amazed at how welcoming they are and at how much they have to offer.
they have been my saving grace out here.
days can get pretty lonely when you are stuck in a hotel room by yourself.
i am so grateful that i was able to meet them and become friends with them,
because they are such wonderful people!

i have really been opened up to the tender mercies of the Lord while being away from utah.
it is easy to overlook how much he blesses me each day.
i thought for sure that i would get here and more homesick than ever!
while i do miss my family and friends a whole lot, i feel like i've been able to stand my ground.
that alone tells me that i am being watched over and cared for everyday.

what are some of your blessings? don't be afraid to spill your guts! :)

-the wife


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