that's what i love about sunday.

i think that song paints a pretty good picture of what sundays feel like.

here's what i love about sundays:
going to church
having time to write in my journal
not having to exercise
dinner and games with friends
writing mission buddies
going on walks
naps, naps, and more naps

and a recent favorite: going on picnics with my husband

zachary took me to a {gorgeous} part of base yesterday.
it had trees and picnic tables next to this lake, with swinging chairs.
we planned on eating lunch and reading our books,
but we ended up talking and laughing non-stop for a couple of hours.
it was the perfect sunday activity!

what is your favorite thing to do on sunday?

-the wife


  1. Wow i kind of feel tricked into listening to country.
    looks like you two are having so much fun, which makes me sooo happy. Miss you tons but its only a couple more weeks!

  2. Fun fun fun. You two are too cute! Hope all is well

  3. Watch SuperX on TV.


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