fun facts and a questionnaire.

i was tagged by my friend whitney zufelt for the "11 fun facts/questionnaire" powwow and i thought i'd play along. here are the rules:

1 - you must post the rules.
2 - post eleven fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
3 - answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you've tagged.
4 - tag eleven people and link them on your post
5 - let them know you've tagged them!

11 fun facts about me:
1 - i have 3 brothers and 2 sisters. i'm number 4 in the bunch.
2 - i am dying to go to europe. i wish it wasn't so dang expensive or that i could just win two tickets right here, right now. but, the good things in life are always worked for, so hopefully by the end of the year we will have enough money saved to make a trip there.
3 - i've broken my arm 4 times, my ankle once, and both collar bones. breaking bones runs in my family. at one point, I had a broken ankle, my brother had a broken arm and my other brother had a broken collar bone all at the same time. it's just what we do. thank goodness my parents had double insurance.
4 - i'm ridiculously terrified of drowning and flying. i get overly anxious going over long bridges or ones that are low-down, close to the water. i almost feel claustraphobic. weird, i know. and every time i fly, i am convinced that we are going to either fall out of the sky or the moment we land the plane will catch its edge and i will burn and die. put both the fear of drowning and the fear of flying together and you can imagine what it's like flying over the ocean - pure misery.
5 -  i had never worn flip flops until i was ten years old. one of my friends let me wear her's to the manti pageant. i felt really cool.
6 - my first job was as a lifeguard at our community swimming pool. i love love loved it. i had to quit after two years because i broke my collar bone and i never went back. i still regret that.
7-  i had a nightmare when i was little that my younger brother was a giant old lady that would lay in the middle of an intersection near my house. if you touched him {or her?} with your car when you went through the intersection, he would jump up and try to kill you. well i touched him when i went through and he started to chase me. right before he got me, i woke up. from that night on until i was at least 9, i was afraid to look out the window at night for fear that the giant old lady/man would be staring right back at me, ready to kill.
8 - i would rather be freezing cold than be even slightly warmer than is comfortable. i can't stand being too warm. i retain heat like none other and when i get hot my feet swell up like balloons. not fun.
9 - i don't have any wisdom teeth. i'm pretty sure i heard angels singing the day i found that out. i'll take lack of wisdom over pain any day.
10 - i still have every note that my best friend and i wrote to each other in middle school and high school. sometimes i go read them just for fun. gives me a good laugh every time.
11 - i can't eat pork. i know for a fact that it's all in my head and it's not even that i don't want to eat it, but all i can think about is the pig that it came from. it doesn't happen with cows or chickens, just pigs. i attribute it to a fieldtrip in kindergarten where we had to watch a bunch of hogs being slaughtered at our local grocery store. it was very scarring for a 5 year old.

questions from whitney:

who is your celebrity crush?
it used to be ryan reynolds hands down, but i have developed a new-found crush on hugh jackman. he just seems like a very classy man...and happens to be very attractive.

if you had to eat one food for a whole week what would it be?
if i wasn't worried about the calories and unhealthiness of the food, it would probably be pizza. preferably margherita pizza, but any kind would do really. if i am being calorie conscious, i'd have to say chipotle bean burritos. not burritos from the chipotle restaurant, but homemade bean burritos with chipotle actually in them. so good.

what's your favorite kind of pie?
coconut cream, no questions asked.

who did you see at your very first concert?
if you want to get technical, i'd say jericho road, but i don't really think that counts. so i will say brad paisley, dierks bentley and jimmy wayne. wasn't a big fan of dierks or brad before the show, but i went away loving both of them. i still don't care much for jimmy.

do you think the chicken or the egg came first?
the chicken. adam and eve didn't come to earth as babies. why would animals?

how do you eat your oreos?
if i have milk, i just dunk and eat. if i don't have milk, i will pull them apart, eat the frosted side and throw the other side away.

are you a cat person or a dog person?
both. if i really had to choose, i'd pick dogs, but i grew up with both, so i don't mind cats either.

what is the color of your favorite nail polish?
blush pink.

what was the last text you sent?
"what a lame-wad. that ticks me off. i'm sorry hun..." to my husband. someone was suppose to come look at our motorcycle and they bailed. all i want is to be able to sell the dang thing!

do you have any "made up" words or phrases you use in your family?
not really. zachary started calling me luftwaffe at some point last year as kind of a joke because he thought it sounded like something romantic. luftwaffe is the name of the german air force. it's now turned in to a term of endearment for us and has stuck pretty well.

if you could splurge on one fashion item what would it be?
jeans. a really nice pair of jeans. i have a hard time justifying spending more than 30 dollars on pants, but they seem to always wear out faster than the expensive ones. luckily i found some ones that i really like from the gap outlet that weren't too pricey, but i would love a pair or two that i absolutely love and don't feel guilty for buying.

my questions:
1. what is your favorite holiday and why?
2. if you had to pick between having hair all over your back that you couldn't shave or being bald and not being able to do anything about it, which would you pick?
3. what is your best memory of high school and why?
4. if you won the lottery, what would be the very first thing you would buy?
5. how old were you when you got your first real kiss? {12 and under doesn't count}
6. what is your biggest regret in life?
7. what's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?
8. what is something you are looking forward to?
9. if you could visit any country for free, which would it be?
10. if you could eat as much as you wanted of one food and you would never gain weight, what would it be?
11. in your eyes, what is the perfect date?

be sure to check out these lovely ladies' blogs to see what their answers are:

hope you're having a fabuloso monday!

-the wife


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  2. Thank you and I appreciate you stopping by!

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