let's talk books.

i'm in need of a good book.
lately i've been reading the mortal instruments series and they're just not cuttin' it for me anymore.
they're a tad bit juvenile for my taste.
i grew up loving to read.
i think i read every franklin the turtle, junie b. jones, and ramona quimby book that ever existed.
those were the days.
i seem to be having a difficult time finding something i like now though.
what are some books you've read and loved? {that don't require a long attention span}

-the wife


  1. Did you like the hunger games? I'm pretty sure you did.

    You should read "Matched" by Allie Condie. It's really good! The sequel to it "Crossed" is already out but I haven't read it through yet. It didn't captivate me like the first one did. But I want to give it another shot.

    and my sister-in-law has been begging me to read "Divergent" by Veronica Roth. She said it's even better than Matched. But I haven't gotten around to it yet. But I plan on reading it. They're all in that "Dystopian Future" category like the Hunger Games.

  2. Sarah you have to read Clockwork Angel and Clockwork Prince! These books are prequels to The Mortal Instruments series and they're 10x better. You can borrow them from me when you come this weekend, I have both books.

  3. and I also have Matched..so you can borrow that too.

  4. I DID love the Hunger Games Kyns! I couldn't put them down. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm excited to be able to have something I can get in to!

    Urika, did you read all the Mortal Instruments? What did you think of them? Are they even worth finishing or should I just bag them and read the prequels? Thank for letting me borrow them! I can't wait :) And I can't wait to see you Friday either. It's going to be epic.


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