top five friday.

#1 - monopoly. we played three games in one day this week. i grew up thinking that the game was over once all the properties were bought cause we didn't understand the whole mortgaging thing {nor did we care to}, so in my eyes monopoly has always been just a really boring, short-lived game that doesn't have a point. zachary taught me the official way to play last weekend though and it has turned me into a monopoly addict...and kind of a rude person. i hate losing.

#2 - saving money. i went to joanns last night, looking for some valentine's wreath inspiration. i didn't find any sadly, but what i did run into were some huge christmas sales. these 6 tins were originally $32.40 and i got them for a whopping $3.24.

there aren't many things that i love more than a good deal. especially when it's 90% off. i'm envisioning homemade caramels and peppermint bark in them for gifts next christmas. can't wait.

#3 - campfires on the beach:

i got off work early last weekend and when i came home, we made a spontaneous drive to grover beach for a weenie roast/date night. we wanted to watch a movie while we were at it and were seriously comtemplating going out and buying a laptop just so we could, but decided against it - smart move by us. it felt like we were in a movie the entire time we were there though. it was super romantic and really fun.

#4 - the temple. my testimony of temple attendance has grown tremendously in the last few months. not just because of the things we are taught in it, but because of the renewal of love i feel for zachary each time we go. it's like all the reasons i married him come rushing back and it makes me grateful for him more than ever before. it does my heart good to know that because of this wonderful place, i will be with zachary forever. not to mention it's also very beautiful.

#5 - junk food fridays. zachary and i made a few new years resolutions this year. we want to read our scriptures every day, save enough money to go to europe, run a mile for every day of the year, pay off a big chunk of debt, and the one that is proving to be the most trying: eat junk food only on fridays. it doesn't make it easy when you have this staring you in the face everyday:

but when friday finally does roll around, i can't tell you how satisfying it is to let loose and stuff my face with all things bad for me.

what are you loving this week?

-the wife

p.s. this has nothing to do with top five friday, but did you know that kirstie alley, the star of my favorite childhood movie, toothless,  is 61 years old?

61! that's older than my parents!
she looks no where near that old. 
oh the things i learn on ellen.


  1. Ellen is a wealth of knowledge! I love love love Ellen! Also, saw a super cute wreath/thing here http://nieniedialogues.blogspot.com/2012/01/day-i-made-valentine-wreath.html

    super cute!

    Love the top 5 friday!

  2. Isn't she great?? I love her. And thanks for the wreath idea! It is super adorable princess!

  3. That all looks so much fun! Such a cute blog. Oh and I TOTALLY LOVE Ellen! Oh man, I can't wait to get off work everyday to go home and watch Ellen, she makes me laugh everyday and I totally am sad when i miss her show... Glad that I have a fellow Ellen friend :)

  4. oh yes, ellen. i might have to be a part of the weekly round up...the obsession will not be ending soon.


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